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  1. I'm guessing you're in the North American time zone. Play late at night when most Americans are asleep so you're matched with European players. People play the game how it's meant to played over here. I stop playing at 10pm UK time when Americans finish work/school...cos I know it'll be car trolling and 7 counselors in one cabin with weapons in every lobby. It's boring as a counselor and as Jason. No offence my American cousins. Just stating facts. *DISCLAIMER* Most people I play with are American and I'm simply reciting what we laugh about together online. Yes, Americans say it as well. Avoid American peak gamer times. ??
  2. I mentioned this in the Wes thread about future DLC content in the "About" forum. In the interests of the future of the game...as an original backer and Savini Jason owner...I'd like to see Savini Jason added to the Ultimate Slasher Edition. It'll sell more copies. Gun and Illfonic have been put under extraordinary circumstances by Cunningham's lawsuit. I couldn't give two flying shits if everyone that buys the edition has Savini Jason. I don't care if I roll up in a lobby with the full lobby having Savini Jason as their Jason choice. As a backer you have to be a complete braindead moron to refuse anyone else getting Savini Jason - when the reality is - buyers of the ultimate edition will be giving this game a longer life span. I've been here for three years. Backed the game from the start. I don't think they will include Savini Jason in the Ultimate Edition as they have never seemed to have shifted from their position..but I hope they do. Any backer who has issues with them doing it needs to take an almighty gulp and swallow their pride. I'd back them to the hilt on this being the right thing to do. It's about keeping this game alive as long as possible - and not about crying that others have Savini Jason...like some short-sighted, self indulgent tirade. We had a good run with an exclusive. Unprecedented events have changed the landscape since then. Still to this day people are fascinated by him, in every lobby I go in. Add him to the Ultimate Slasher Edition... I'm with you on this 100%. Will also add that as a PS4 player who has had more than their amount of moments of frustration with "the host leaving". I for one, hope they don't implement dedicated servers. They're expensive to run...and in the light of the unprecedented events - I'd rather see the money used to give the game a longer lifespan. It's frustrating when the host leaves - but in my own playthrough experience...it barely happens like it used to happen a year ago...and I barely regard it as a problem these days. It's just not worth spending the money if the money could be used to let the game live longer. Just my thoughts.
  3. and the award for most nonsensical and hilarious drunk post on the forum goes to... ?
  4. I love the yanks. My ex was from Washington state. We're still really close now. Love that girl to bits. She's as loud, brash and annoying as every other American I've met in F13.
  5. British parenting isn't much better either! ? Though there might be slight cultural differences in gaming...the Brits are parallel with you on how to mess up our societies and the family unit by being soft on their kids. Almost 70m people on an island...recipe for disaster!
  6. Really don't mean to cause any offence in anyway by saying it. Lol. The contrast just really hit home in the last 48 hours. Completely different experience. ? Will add as well, that it seems more of a "social" experience in America. Through all the trolling and larking about - people are genuinely having fun and are mostly very friendly. They seem very passionate about their online games and communities. Whereas I find the European experience is more strictly about "let's get this objective done", it's more about playing the game as it should be - but lacks that "community" feel. You get put into an American lobby and people are chatting like they've known each other all their lives despite only having known each other for 2 minutes. ?I'm not saying the European experience isn't friendly, it is - but it's definitely more serious.
  7. When playing "Quick Play". I've noticed there is far more trolling with people fucking about when playing early morning in the UK i.e. during what would be the American evening. When I play during British daytime (when Americans are in bed lol) with mainly people from the UK - people are working together, the game is played how it should be and it's very, very rare to see any trolling. I got sick of it late last night as it was just people playing music down the mic, people trolling with the car - squads of armed Jason hunters all bunched up in a cabin etc. It was the same crap in every single lobby I went to. I really can't stress how different it is. If you ever get the chance to play during a different time zone, do it - it's hilarious how very different the game is. *Disclaimer* No I'm not hating on Americans, love you guys Just pointing out a fact - and if you check it out yourselves...you'll see it for yourself. ?
  8. I'm an original backer with Savini Jason. If the inclusion of Savini Jason in the Ultimate edition meant more money in the coffers for this game to have a longer life - I'd be all for it. I'm sure 90% of backers would agree. These are extraordinary circumstances. "Desperate times call for Extreme measures" as the saying goes. Who cares if everyone who buys the ultimate edition has Savini? The longer this game lives... the better.
  9. As much as I want this to happen. How will the server running costs be financed? From sales? I would be inclined to believe that is possible, but has that been possible before? How do games like online Quake keep going? Sales? I'm genuinely asking as I don't fully understand multiplayer games - this is the first game I've ever played online diligently for any period of time. I was under the impression server costs are always funded by DLC? I'm on PS4 and I'd rather Gun didn't implement expensive dedicated servers if it meant this game can have a longer life. Although on the flip side I guess stable dedicated servers are more desirable to the mainstream gamer of which, their sales they would be relying on. Toughie. Edit: Apologies for the double post*
  10. Very well articulated - and I believe you are 100% correct.
  11. Interesting. Have you seen this method? It's one of the methods I've used. AJ comes back to the bathrooms a second time! I think it's a bug. It's strange as whenever I use the method you posted, AJ arrives just as a I duck into the cubicle. Sometimes she's already in there when I arrive. It's almost like the timing is randomised. I don't actually mind that - make it feel a little more dynamic.
  12. Nope. 100% incorrect. It was Cunningham and Horror Inc who brought the lawsuit against Miller. It's Cunningham's greed that has caused this lawsuit. He's the bad guy.
  13. I don't think it's a troll tactic for all. There's been many times in multiplayer games when I've been waiting for a lobby to fill up, have been distracted by my phone etc - and have appreciated the notification that everyone is ready to go.
  14. I had only played one mission (which I enjoyed) but had to stop playing due to work commitments and studies. So it was the first time I've been able to sit down and have a dedicated playthrough. Yeah, it's bemusing why they didn't make it possible to skip the intro after the first time you start a map on a playthrough. Even an onscreen prompt "x to skip" etc would suffice. Do agree about taking in the scenery and art work. It all gets lost in the chase. Again, I'm sure it would be pretty simply to add an unlimited time toggle. Just make unlimited time mode worth zero CP if they're concerned about the challenges being too easy to earn CP. People have been banging on about some kind of exploration mode since launch - this would be a great way to do it. Any chance @wes, @ShiftySamurai? I think they probably would have added maybe another 5 challenges as DLC. Judging from the review thread here, they were very, very well received. It's the most fun I've had in a game for many, many years.They completely nailed the atmosphere, scenarios and set pieces from the films. I loved all the homages. I was also extremely impressed by the AI. It felt like a Hitman game in that it felt like a stand-alone AAA game made on a multi-million dollar budget. Fantastic work. It was a real challenge in places. I had to use YouTube tutorials to complete some parts. The infamous mission 7 was infinitely frustrating - but in a really good way. It took me all afternoon to finally get "undetected" ("just one more try, just more try...I couldn't put my controller down lol) - the relief when I finally got that skull was REAL. I loved the way the characters interacted in that mission. Straight out of every classic slasher movie I've ever seen. Really was an incredible piece of work. Also loved the island one (5)? Though there wasn't a mission I didn't enjoy, I didn't want challenges to end - but I'll be revisiting often. Bitterly disappointed about this lawsuit. Doesn't matter if we get a F-13 game in 5 years time - I very much doubt it will ever be made with the same passion and care this one was. Anyway sorry for the "mini-review". I was a bit late to the party when others were posting in May. Looking forward to receiving my soundtrack now.
  15. I love the cut scenes but why, oh why - has there still not been a simple hot fix to add this feature in? It's a staple part of a game that when you "fuck something up" - you just want to get back into the action as quickly as possible. This must be incredibly simple to code. Also maybe I'm becoming senile but I can't see anyway to restart the mission whilst in game? Which is also incredibly frustrating. I find myself having to relaunch the game (PS4) to restart the mission in its entirety? I also wish there was a free roam mode without a time limit option. It's awesome to lurk around the camp in the style of the movies - I've completed them all 100% but you always feel like the clock is ticking. Will add that I really love this game mode, and I'm gutted that there will be no more challenges as DLC which I was very much looking forward to.
  16. Fixing generators and hooking up people on hooks? Never felt like a slasher movie for me. I won't even bother trying it. If the F-13 playerbase was to vanish tomorrow or servers were shut down - I'm more than happy with challenges (my favourite part of the game) and to a lesser extent, bots.
  17. I've explained this to the original poster and he now understands. He's actually been working for Gun Media and went out for a delightful lunch today and enjoyed himself very much meeting possible future shareholders as Gun aim to flex their muscles in overseas markets. It's all good.
  18. I don't know enough about this to make a genuine critical analysis of it. Let's be honest - none of us do. It's purely opinion we've read from both sides. So I can't possibly form an opinion on that without knowing the actual facts. I've been a member of this forum since it's inception and have been banned also, me and Ben haven't always seen eye to eye., but he was doing a seriously difficult job by himself - that larger companies employ whole team departments to do. He may have made a couple of bad calls - but then there isn't a single forum member here that hasn't done a job without making a mistake. It's called human error. I don't doubt he's learned from the experience and I think that's important to remember. The lawsuit has nothing to do with Gun. The lawsuit is Sean S. Cunningham's baby. His creation.
  19. Considering many of the long-time, "die-hard" members have been banned and fobbed off with snarky remarks - I highly doubt they are going to buy the same game again. It's not really how to keep a customer happy and coming back for more. They should be able to squeeze some more sales out of those that haven't yet played the game though. I hope it does sell well. The lawsuit is a massive, unjust kick in the balls for them, so I do wish them well - and I hope this edition is successful.
  20. I'll never forget the time I morphed to a Jarvis House map fuse box after an alert and slashed to death the idiot that didn't run when he had the chance. I was told that that they hope "I die in real life", that was I was working with another counselor, that I was hacking, that I should die of cancer. Was hilarious. There's some right little bitches in the player base. Many of whom are more often than not, American. ? No offense my American buddies - but there's a reason the term "butthurt" was coined in the USA. Emotionally disturbed when genuinely beaten. ? "Toys out of the pram". Lol.
  21. and to be fair, you've always been supportive of them over the years! Harsh.
  22. I don't get it? Obviously they always had it in for "Beware of Bears", - but I don't get why others have been removed? Seems like a cull? "Heartbreaker"? Has supported the game for the last three years from Kickstarter? Why the fuck is he banned? I feel sorry for Gun/Illlfonic. They've created a great game. But I don't get the 'let's cut the forum heads off of longtime forum members?" Like I said, I'm not around here so much anymore...still playing the game...just don't get the sudden tact? It almost feels impulsive.
  23. Why did all the long time members get a "vacation"? I've had one before a couple of years back - but I haven't been around as much, and I'm wondering why longtime members have been banned from the forum? Genuine question?
  24. Yes. I for one believe dedicated servers will still be coming. Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to do some crack and meth, washed down with a bottle of whiskey whilst I watch flying pigs sweeping majestically across the Southern England coastline.
  25. I'm no lawyer either but I think the reason the art book/soundtrack is fine is that it has already been paid for and can be weighted into the overall value of the franchise. Releasing new DLC content for sale two months down the road wouldn't be. Looking forward to the soundtrack. Really enjoyed the music in the game, so will be a worthy collection to my MP3 collection. I just wish I had bought the art book now.
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