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  1. This is standard video game promo stuff. They all do it. You might be familiar with "Aliens: Colonial Marines" from 2013, they released a 10 minute "gameplay" video of the game....the product released was dramatically different graphically. I personally enjoyed the game a lot, - but the CEO of Gearbox...Randy Pitchford might as well have changed his Twitter name to Randy "Pitchfork"...as that's what the guy was having thrust into him verbally by thousands after launch on Twitter and still get's it to this day. Like an elephant, a video gamer never forgets...and like a woman ...."hell hath no fury like a video gamer scorned". The seascape of international video game community waters is basically shark infested waters.
  2. The ghoulish, ghostly presence of Darrin's tenure here will always stalk these forums. The spirit is so strong sometimes it will possess other forum users here. Some would believe the recent changes to the forum were down to the ghost of Darrin pumping dark, astral energy into the forum itself. Some.... have even tried to stop him....no one can!
  3. Tiffany Cox - Guide Series

    You must play against people who don't know how to use Jenny lol You ain't even detecting me until rage kicks in...and even then I'm getting into hiding spots for 20 seconds to lower my fear so I'm not a red Tiffany Xmas tree on your radar.
  4. Well articulated bro. Agree with all your points.
  5. If you can dance and party when an undead killer is trying to kill you, I think the counselors have time for a joint and a few beers - they should be able to make out with each other too. @wes stated that counselors wouldnt be wanting have sex in the final act of the movie but tact has definitely changed. I'd like to see counselors be able to cook different foods in the Higgins House and Packanack Lodge....Turkey Roast DLC and Pizza DLC would be great....and it would be cool if they could raise a family and live happily ever after - in fact, can't we just get rid of this annoying Jason character completely? It's gets in the way of me dancing with others at the radio and socialising with other counselors.
  6. It had it's problems at launch with server issues - but it was more of a serious survival horror game in those days with the emphasis on Jason being the face of death if you took liberties with the Jason player. You had to play intelligently to escape and survive. That factor has been diluted since October - counselors have been buffed and Jason nerfed in some terrible misguided conception of "balancing" things. The whole point of a survival horror game is that the threat has to be real - they seem to have lost their way since October, and the December patch furthered "watered down" the Jason character. Gun's Ben has inferred they are taking steps to rectify this, and that the new patch is in testing phase. I truly hope they can deliver - but be aware the patch effect on gameplay has been a downwards trajectory since release...so we all need to hope they can pull something out of the bag, and stop the stall nosedive. Will add that I believe the grab range etc was changed as the small corridors of the Grendel on the upcoming Jason X map would make it stupidly easy for Jason players. I have no facts...I can only speculate about my thoughts on the reasoning behind such drastic nerfs. Trouble is, they don't confirm this with "transparency" so the playerbase becomes a detached, hot cauldron of ambiguous confusion. Then people start getting banned when their patience starts to boil over.
  7. I think the in-game brightness should be lowered. Trouble is with people doing it manually, everyone needs to be on the same playing field. You're almost dis-advantaging yourself by doing it yourself. But I do agree with all the above points.
  8. I found this a lot when the game first released. I'll never forget the time I was crouched down behind a tree near the exit waiting for the police to arrive. I notice Tommy approaching from behind, he also crouches down a few "feet" away behind me. I don't think anything of it and take my eye off him. As soon as the police arrive *BLAM!* he shotguns me, picks up all my stuff and runs to the police exit. If I could've reached through the screen and strangled the other player - I certainly would have.
  9. Tommy Jarvis: Was known for having a rabid enjoyment in the shooting of counselors in the summer of 2017. Well known for his selfishness and complete lack of regard for others, doesn't like car passengers and has a will to drive out of Crystal Lake by himself. Also has a tendency to run over innocent people. Buggzy: See Above. Vanessa: See Above.
  10. Next counsellor and map

    Why not make Jason X? Even if they made him paid DLC? I'd rather buy another Jason than stupid dance emotes or goofy costumes.
  11. Tiffany Cox - Guide Series

    You make noise and you're my first 3/8
  12. Tiffany Cox - Guide Series

    Each to their own. Tiffany, Vanessa, Buggzy are always generally my first kills.
  13. Tiffany Cox - Guide Series

    Will slaughter you on the Grendel soon...and hopefully the Lazarus just before the summer! Take care Tiff!
  14. Tiffany Cox - Guide Series

    Aww Tiff...what you like!
  15. Tiffany Cox - Guide Series

    Well spotted....go and do a dance honey
  16. Tiffany Cox - Guide Series

    With a username and avatar photo like that...I'm not surprised
  17. Tiffany Cox - Guide Series

    She's always one of the first ones to light up like a red Xmas tree and gets dispatched quite easily. My "guide advice" would be...don't use her. It's all about Jenny or to a lesser extent Debra.
  18. Trouble is every Jason would make slashing the tyres of the car a mandatory objective as well as trapping it and the phone.
  19. host always leaves the game

    Dance emotes are without a shadow of a doubt one of the most out of context, stupidest things I've seen in a game for years.
  20. I'm done with multiplayer until the next patch....2/3 games Jason is killed. Pathetic really. What used to be "Scream" is now "Scary Movie".
  21. @ShiftySamurai any chance of fixing this broken "like" system? Since it's inception, It's proved to be be inadvertently negative, mis-guided and a draconian way of splitting a community - and through all intents and purposes it's been successful. Wes says he loves how the game brings people together? "Somebody likes your post" (in 2018 where everyone lives in a wealth of overly-social media personable likes or "dislikes"?? Really? You think you can fight what is now the global perception of a like system and beat it???). It's silly, and it needs to be sorted.
  22. I just hope the amount of pocket knives is reduced...well, basically a nerf of everything they've done patch-wise since October. Constant tinkering in any sphere of life always dilutes the magic. Whether that's a world class sports team, a marriage, some beautiful piece of art or a video game. "If it ain't broke...don't fix it." Sure the game has/had bugs galore that need(ed) to be sorted, but the gameplay was great. It needed some well placed botox injections...not a face-lift. I'm concerned more radical gameplay overhaul will further dilute the gameplay. I hope the next patch has an eye on bringing it more in line with the magic they had May - October.
  23. Jason harpoon

    Harpoon gun on the Lazarus map please
  24. Offline Bots: Initial Thoughts

    Will add that I think it's imperative that each Jason's chase music is added to this mode. Obviously one day multiplayer will die, and it would be a shame not to hear those excellent Harry Manfredini motifs in the game again. Jason's own chase music is not on the same level. They should always be a part of the game.