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    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    Victor Miller communicated that Horror Inc had filed a lawsuit to me in an email.
  2. Splatterhouse

    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    I knew about this a few days ago but didn't want to be the bearer of bad news. There's a reason Friday fans have never warmed to Sean S. Cuntingham in almost 40 years and why he isn't revered like John Carpenter is by Halloween fans. He's now killed the game. Of course, he didn't put any money into the game anyway (backers and investors financed it) so he won't be out of pocket. Victor Miller will wrongly take the brunt as usual - but it's only one man's greed whose actions in these sequence of events, has stopped production of this movie and game franchise.
  3. Splatterhouse

    Started My No Fear Jenny Myers Build

    I main Jenny all the time as a lone wolf in quick play. I escape 8 times out of 10 from equipping composure based perks and carefully managing my stealth in-game. She's incredibly difficult to detect when used correctly. Just now a Vanessa was being chased by Jason...I snuck under a bed until he'd killed her and morphed away. Fixed the four seater outside the cabin, started it up and picked up three other counselors for the escape. I'm sure playing as anyone rather than Jenny would've made that escape much more difficult. She's always my go to character when playing lone wolf in quickplay.
  4. Splatterhouse

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    Scream 3 over Scream 2???? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I really didn't enjoy Scream 4 - considering it was written by Williamson and directed by Craven with all the original cast...it felt so tacked on.
  5. Are you suggesting a child Reggie or an adult Reggie? There's absolutely no way they're going to have a child getting brutally murdered in this game. EDIT: I just read your post and see you said to buff a few years on him.
  6. EU servers have been fine on PS4.
  7. Thanks for the clarification Wes. Hopefully this can be resolved sooner rather than later and new content might be able to happen in the future. I appreciate there are no guarantees. It's certainly better than "no content, ever". Considering the difficult circumstances I'd say this is positive news people.
  8. Splatterhouse

    got banned

    hahahaha serves you right
  9. Splatterhouse

    Interactions All Bugged

    A bug? In this game? OMG
  10. People still pay for anti-virus programs???? Just use Avira, Avast or AVG for free. They all work fine.
  11. Splatterhouse

    Pamela's laugh....

    Completely agree. The cackling laugh was never heard in Parts 1 and 2. The cackling laugh only made an appearance in Freddy vs Jason. When Freddy Krueger had taken the form of Pamela in Jason's dream. First time I heard it, I was like - they've taken this from Freddy's interpretation of Mrs Voorhees. But that wasn't Mrs Voorhees...that was Freddy...and that's my supergeek moment of the day.
  12. Part 8 is my favourite look. Again, that's contrary to many Friday fans. Part 7 is probably the most popular look of them all.
  13. To be fair - I've never really played Part 7. I'm one of the very few Friday fans that has never liked the look of Part 7 Jason. Never liked skeletal Jason.
  14. The thorn in my side is that damn stupid "regain stamina faster when stood next to a radio" perk lol I must've rolled that 1000 times
  15. Wholeheartedly agree. Was just in a game where I was lurking in the water waiting patiently for two Vanessa's to finish the repairs on the boat and I couldn't wait (with glee) to lull them into a false sense of security of thinking I hadn't detected them...before flipping them as soon as they set off. The stalk wore off, my cover was blown, they exited the boat and scarpered in two different directions. Stalk adds so much suspense to the game and I'd love to see it's duration doubled.
  16. Splatterhouse

    victoria sterling outfit

    Though I don't have her stats on me - I'm pretty sure she's pretty bang average at everything...there are much better counselor options. That's the reason most people don't play as her.
  17. How was Part 7 updated? I remember he was viewed as the weakest Jason for months but I must've missed the news of a boost to him?
  18. Splatterhouse

    savini jason

    Savini Jason was a backer only exclusive when the game was seeking crowdfunding from Kickstarter and Backer-Kit. Sorry, but it won't be made available again buddy.
  19. Splatterhouse

    PS4 Upgraded Visuals

    Isn't it a marginally better system anyway? Not sure on that though.
  20. I used to main Part 8, but I'm so sick of seeing him myself as a counselor that I now main Savini Jason. 9 times out of ten Part VIII seems to be the teamster's Jason of choice as well. No longer a fan. Savini Jason gets a great reception from the new players as well. So it's a cool experience for them. Until they all get wiped out that is.
  21. Seen more purple Jason than I've ever seen this evening. I haven't been using my headset and was listening to a conversation in a pre-match lobby which I found hilarious. "How do I pick the 'Barry' character?" "You can't, you can only be Barry if you're the 2nd to die" ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ So many people are enjoying themselves and I've seen ZERO bugs. It's such a shame they can't release new content to all these new players...they'd be laughing all the way to the bank.
  22. Splatterhouse


    Thanks for the response. Gun can only say what they can say in what I imagine is a spider web of legalities at the moment. I'm no lawyer but I imagine Gun, Horror Inc, and Victor are unsure of the legalities and consequences of this at the moment. This is purely my own speculation and thoughts on this: Considering it's not a flat "NO CONTENT, EVER". I'm guessing these guys are exploring possibilities to be able to work on and release new content. So it's more positive than it was 24 hours ago. Be patient guys. It may not happen, it's out of their hands... but from what I can fathom...they are trying legally and logistically.
  23. This is what we've heard from the F13 game support twitter account so far: We've determined that stability problems are related to an AWS issue causing degraded server performance. We are working with our Amazon partners to address the issue. Thank you for your patience.
  24. Splatterhouse

    Database login failure!

    Hi and welcome. This is what the F13 game support twitter account posted in relation to the error. They're working on it - but doesnt seem to be fixed yet. We've determined that stability problems are related to an AWS issue causing degraded server performance. We are working with our Amazon partners to address the issue. Thank you for your patience.