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  1. I think they did a great job recreating the location...but yeah, it's selection is a bit "too much" and I do get sick and tired of the map. It's become very predictable how everything pans out.
  2. Good idea BoB! I'd like to see this!
  3. Haircuts would work best as a perk. I'd also like to see masseuse and fingernail manicure perks implemented into the perk system. It would relieve some of the counselors stresses and fear levels whilst being hunted by an undead killer.
  4. Roy's Coveralls

    Would like to add that the original post from @ShiftySamurai is a refreshing take on how they came "in-house" to the conclusion of adding the new coveralls. Again, fairplay to them. They've "digested" the feedback...discussed the feedback and then executed that feedback. What more can you ask for? 10/10 for me. This American Ninja is listening.
  5. Roy's Coveralls

    Really gotta take my hats off to them again. They do listen...and they prove it - time and time again. The coveralls thing could've been swept underneath the carpet and ignored. It wasn't. Fairplay to them, and thanks.
  6. Your thread "hype" is ridiculous. 😂 Always moaning about something. Kind of bloke that would win 5,000,000 on the lottery and be absolutely furious and have their life changing, jackpot day completely ruined because an administration error payed out out only 4,999,999 by accident. 😂
  7. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Pointless campaigning for this on the forums. "Campaign" Wes on his Twitter account directly. That's how the annoying Purple Jason came to fruition. I'm willing to bet if you just one hundred of you got a campaign going for a pink elephant doodle monster character...you'd get it in the game.
  8. Confirmed/Unconfirmed DLC

    Cool. Between yourself and @bewareofbears you cleared things up for me. @J.J. Come on J.J., it's evidently a tribute movie - on which they delivered...really, really well. No need to be so harsh towards them!
  9. Confirmed/Unconfirmed DLC

    Ahhh right! Thanks man. I've often wondered. So hypothetically, if I was to put a video of me dressed as a drunk squirrel playing F13: The Game with ads, that garnered 5m hits. Would Gun get the ad revenue or would the video be taken down for copyright? It's just that I'm sure I read years ago that with videos that feature intellectual property - the license holders automatically get the revenue?
  10. Confirmed/Unconfirmed DLC

    Out of interest...what happens to the YouTube click money with this kind of endeavour? I've never quite understood it. Does the ad money to go to Sean Cunningham as it's his IP? Congratulations on an amazing film by the way. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Was incredibly well crafted, the talent and passion exuded from the screen and a superb piece of film making on such a modest budget. I'll look forward to following and watching your next projects. Edit: I just wanna add that I wasn't questioning at all if you made money from the film. Just interested to know how the YouTube thing works. I've tried reading up on it before but have never fully understood it.
  11. Incorporate Richard Simmons.

    It's a great idea! How about counselor DLC packs for Vs Bots? D-list Celebrity Big Brother counselor packs, Hitler and his government counselor packs, The Kardashian and Jenner family counselor packs, ISIS counselor packs and unpopular characters from TV sitcoms counselor packs.
  12. Your favourite forum member?

    Okay...if that's true. I didn't know that, and I apologise for that post. I've suffered from depression before - so I kinda know how that kinda shit feels. Genuinely - I'm sure we'll continue to disagree, but I certainly didn't mean any offense .
  13. Your favourite forum member?

    It's not arse-kissing you moronic retard. It's your constant drivel on the forums that makes me laugh. Reading your posts is like someone was let loose from a mental asylum and was allowed a few hours of both licking windows and inputting on message forums. You hide behind your safety blanket of a movie persona...you troll at every opportunity and quite frankly - you talk a load of shit and act like a clown Real life tough for you mate?
  14. Your favourite forum member?

    "Trollio...Trollio...where thou art thou Trollio?" Cant you go and pretend to role play J.J. in another thread?
  15. Your favourite forum member?

    Gotta agree the "engine" of Queen was Freddie Mercury. Brian May has said countless times that was the case. You can't doubt Brian May who is a brilliant guitarist and bloke...but they all freely admit they went a few notches down when Freddie died. No real surprise. You're talking about someone who recorded this song: Lying down on his death bed with not enough energy left to stand up, but was determined to sing one last song. (Google it if you don't believe it). Brian and Roger definitely know they were working with an accomplished singer, songwriter and multi-instrument talented guy...and have always said - he was the the guy "that got us there".
  16. Your favourite forum member?

    The guys's a rock legend. Every famous rock star since he died in 1991 has always said so. When I was a kid, I didn't respect him. He was some 70's/80's guy that my parents liked. But now...fuck...he was one of the best rock vocalists of all time. Find me someone who can hit those notes...and warm up 90,000 people like that....and you won't find one. Just an absolute, genuine talent that comes around once every 100 years.
  17. It's tough. They've been trying to blame real violence on video games for years. A 72 year old man that has never played a video game in his life was always going to play the "Video games cause violence" card. Just gotta hope he doesn't attempt to nerf the video game industry - because he will if he can find a way to do it. As we all know, if you're not a "gamer"...you don't get "it".
  18. I watched horror and 18 (R rated movies in the US) movies from a young age. Donald Trump is connecting video games to real violence? What's your opinion on that? I think it's bullshit.
  19. Every movie needs a map in my opinion. Would be a pity if we got a Power Ranger Jason map but nothing for Parts 7-9 in my opinion.
  20. Share Your Experiences

    Hmm experiences...Once, when I used to run a bar... I was detaining a dangerous vagrant outside my bar, who was wanted for exposing himself to women a few weeks before. Foolishly, I let go of him as others had started attacking him - fearing they would kill him and would all be charged for murder, I managed to usher them away from the beaten vagrant on the floor. As I turned back to the vagrant, a 14 inch knife missed my throat in a plunging action by a matter of inches. I was able to use his momentum against him, put him back on the floor and detain him until the police arrived - whilst tempering the angry mob. I learned, never turn your back on anyone for longer than one second in situations like that. Always check your 360 angle. I also learned live for every moment because you never know how close you are to a permanent visit to the cemetery. EDIT: Been a long day and night in the UK out on a friend's birthday. It's 23.51 here - I thought this was off-topic experiences (!) Apologies.
  21. Do bots mash?

    I thought exactly the same thing!
  22. Pinehurst Small

    Some players here (not gonna name any names) would like a small Pinehurst map where you all spawn sat in the cars with all objectives completed.
  23. Do bots mash?

    Yes...generally into the tree textures.
  24. Pinehurst Small

    My Dad spent a lot of time in his garden shed to escape me, my Sister and Mother in 1984 for some precious hours...he didn't have a landline in it.