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  1. We've all already paid for it. The price went up in late 2016 to incorporate the single player components.
  2. I'm starting to think Parts 6-9 will be represented in the single player challenges. With the Lazarus, Manhattan, Voorhees House they can avoid all the game mechanics of the main game and can feature parts of those locations. I'm thinking the roadmap is the end of future content at this time, but I do believe they want to represent all the films. To hazard a guess, if the game continues to make money (and I think it will) we may see a smaller roadmap with those maps added to multiplayer. I also think we will get single player challenges as paid DLC. They'd be fools not to. If the challenges are fun (and I think they will be) people will welcome more missions and will pay a reasonable price for them. There's bound to be die hards who got pissed off with the troll climate of multiplayer but will enjoy this element of the game.
  3. Op Counselor ?

  4. Share Your Experiences

    Ahhh right. Makes sense how that can happen within the game mechanics. Yeah that needs sorting for sure.
  5. Share Your Experiences

    @bewareofbears I've never seen or heard of body-blocking Jason...how the duck is that possible??
  6. If you can't play nice on the forums with one of, if not the... most reasonable, knowledgeable and articulate people on the forums. Maybe you should back out of the debate.
  7. They've inferred before that they'd like to do a Freddy game when they've made this the most complete Friday game it can be. Judging by the video, one things sure... The bugs will be a lot easier to explain away in Freddy's dreamworld. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ Will actually add to the ambiguous and nonsensical dreamworld. πŸ˜‚
  8. Daytime maps

    If say the existing fear level is 20, you could probably increment the fear level from 0-20 as the darkness also increments over the 20 minutes. I'm not sure how difficult this would be to implement. Maybe swap around stalk with sense(/shift?) so Jason relies on stealth in the daylight (as we saw often in the movies), so he remains just as deadly without his night time fear detection early in the match.
  9. Daytime maps

    Nice idea. Would work with the sun setting over the course of the match as well - in that fear levels are constantly becoming more intense as the match goes on.
  10. Agree with all points. I don't understand how the licensing would work or if it is even possible... But to have the game chase themes and their movie counterparts play randomly (whether in game or randomly preselected before the game starts) would be an excellent optimisation of the existing game build. I've ordered the game soundtrack and obviously wouldn't expect the additions as part of it. I don't think anyone in their right mind would, so I hope that dilemma wouldn't deter the developers thinking on this. It would be such a sweeeeeet addition.
  11. This is really excellent work. Well done my friend. I will echo @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow The game really needs more ambient music to set the mood. So much of the films feature this ambient music and I feel its a core feature missing. That one piece that occasionally fires up (which everyone thought meant Jason was coming in their first playthrough) does get repetitive. Something a little more eerie and ambient would really set the tone. I particularly liked the Fred Mollin music, I was surprised at both how well it worked, how it was a really nice variation on the Manfredini pieces and how it evoked the signature presence of the Part VII and VIII movie Jason counterparts. Gun seem to have a lot of ambient music they use in their trailers which does not feature in the game. @wesany chance some of this could be added as ambiance? Thanks again for this @Im A Deku Scrub, top, top job you've done.
  12. Excited and waiting patiently

    Now I understand it.
  13. Paintball stun

    A paintball stun is an excellent idea! I'd also to see a rolled up newspaper stun and the ability to stun Jason with a giant, inflatable novelty hammer.
  14. Your first time as Jason

    Haha I remember confusing the special abilities a whole lot.