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  1. It's Ronnie's favourite, I suspect this is why there is such a Part 3 bias. Final Chapter is the most iconic Friday movie among fans for sure.
  2. Zerner has confirmed he unlocks from level 1.
  3. No one knows Shelly better than Larry Zerner and I'm sure they would've asked him for his opinion on the stat allocation in regards to his character.
  4. Update Content & Holiday Events: 12/18/2017

    Fucking Shelly's in the patch!!! Kudos. Excellent mini-movie trailer BTW. I'd like to see more of these.
  5. Update Content & Holiday Events: 12/18/2017

    Great to see offline bots as part of the game. I remember hoping for offline modes in the early days of Summer Camp. It's what allows a game to live forever. So it's a big moment for the game, people will be able to play the game even when that time in the future comes when the servers are taken down. I'll raise a glass to Gun and Illphonic for making this happen. I'm without my PS4 at the moment, so won't be able to test the waters unfortunately, but I'll look forward to reading reaction on here though.
  6. Important Announcement from our Queen of Graphic Design Things

    Nice touch! I like!
  7. Would've been excited to see the Voorhees house as a map...but it's likely to be the atmosphere-less clusterfuck the other maps have even since October. Characters trapped inside the infamous, childhood home of an undead killer who is stalking them... and they're dancing around dressed as fucking fairies - it's more like "Saturday the 14th" the camp parody movie based on Friday the 13th these days.
  8. Been like it for a almost a year since beta. I remember seeing my first hanging mannequin and thinking "That's so cool how Jason has strung up a victim"...then I got a little closer and realise they were hanging in mid air.
  9. Friend just got F13

    I feel fucking embarrassed watching it. This is supposed to be a survival horror game. @wes No one doubts the passion and love that went into this game...but please sort this shit out. Dance emotes...might as well of released it as a "Troll DLC Pack".
  10. Good shout. It pops up all the time, no need for multiple threads.
  11. The new dedicated community manager did post it in the "About" forum. Updates posted to the forum have been poor and terribly inconsistent in the past with a scattergun approach to things. Will probably take a little consistency before it changes the status quo in people's minds. So I can see why people missed it. It's a good start though!
  12. There should be a "None because they're all 3D computer models" option and I would've voted.
  13. The vast majority of players do. Especially those that have been playing since the beta and full release. It was actually a survival horror game when first released, but a recent patch has nullified Jason to somewhat of a laughable joke so the game doesn't really fit within that genre as it stands. They are working to address this though, we can only hope they do so successfully.
  14. Yeah I think the developers dropped the ball with the Mitch character attributes. His high composure is obviously a wink and nod to his ultra relaxed and calm pot smoking demeanour...but Chuck from Part 3, who he was based on...was a scared cat. Apart from Chuck I'd say the composure levels are a pretty good ranking guide.