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  1. Not sure about the Jock, but the Nerd and Edgy Guy definitely are. I could be absolutely wrong about the Jock though.
  2. Actually Eric is classed as both the Nerd and Class Clown, so either or both is correct.
  3. Megan doesn't really fit the bill, but yeah the other two definitely do, as does Brie from the remake. I kinda thought the Flirty Girl fit into this category myself, but I suppose there could be a Flirty Girl and a Bitch. I wouldn't mind them getting a bit more varied with who they release next though.
  4. Dude! Looks awesome! If you can get the jock in there too then I think I'll make it my new desktop background.
  5. A Friday the 13th game in the vein of Until Dawn would be amazing! I'd play the shit out of that!
  6. I'm gonna try and play as everyone probably, but there are those characters that I'll definitely play more than others. Here's the order I'll probably play them in: 1. The Jock (this guy I'll probably play the most, always liked playing the Tank in games, plus his design is sweet) 2. Athletic Girl (female jocks need some love too, plus love her design as well, both her and the Jock fit my play style quite well) 3. Class Clown (this guy just for fun, most likely when I'm playing with friends and we're aiming to have a laugh) 4. Rocker Chick (she just rocks to be honest) 5. Tommy Jarvis (Part 6 is the best in the series for me, so can't wait to play him in the game) 6. Edgy Guy 7. Girl Next Door 8. Bookish Girl 9. Flirty Girl 10. Preppy Guy 11. Head Counselor (I've always found the hero dude in these films to be the most boring character) Not everyone got little bracket descriptions cos I don't really have something to say about everyone. But yeah, that'll be my preference.
  7. Surely someone couldn't report you for just not helping them. That's not against the rules. The devs even said the game can be played more like every man for himself, which would mean that saving a med spray for yourself wouldn't be against the rules. Plus it's just strategy, you could need it later on, or just having an injured counselor around could definitely benefit you when Jason shows up, being that you'll have time to run whilst he offs them. People are always dicks in games, but that's because the games allow them to be dicks, it's rare people can report them for it.
  8. Letter Jacket aside, Class Clown's who I've always been and always want to be.
  9. That makes a lot of sense to be honest, but it's not really what I was arguing. All I was saying was that people are allowed an opinion on the matter. If they like it, they're allowed to say. If they don't like it, they're allowed to say. I mean, yeah, it's not going to change anything at this point, but people are allowed to share their opinions. They don't need to spend money to earn them that right.
  10. You kept saying 'you', in which case I hope you aren't actually referring to me, because I did none of the things you mentioned in your comment. I'm just standing up for opinion. I get that repeatedly going on about something you don't like is very annoying, and I don't stand for that, but at the very least people are allowed to not like a development. I've only skimmed through this thread, so I could very likely be wrong, but I haven't seen anyone refer to the game as 'ruined' just because of this character looking the way it does. P.S. I fucking love Eric.
  11. Yeah I personally don't mind an easily scared Jock. I like the idea of him acting all cocky and cool at first, and then becoming the biggest wimp when Jason arrives.
  12. But I also just want to say that people having their criticisms isn't a bad thing. I get we're all excited about this game, but it's not totally above criticism. Keep in mind, people have payed their OWN money to make this a thing, they have the right to have their say on what they do and don't like. It isn't entitlement, it's opinion, which they're allowed to have.
  13. Seeing a lot of hate for this guy. Personally I love him, may be my new favourite actually. Can't wait for me and my friends to all pick this guy and have 7 of them running around the place as Jason chases us. It'll be glorious.
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