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  1. I really do feel that, if this doesn't fix it, a reduction in the number of pocket knives [and removing the 1 tommy starts with] would be a good idea as well.
  2. In regards to the window button prompt for Jason: PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THIS FEATURE! Add in the typical combat stance destruction of windows, but allow the option for the button prompt animation! It's made it so much easier to break windows with this additional, I feel it would be a negative impact to remove it now.
  3. Why would you be standing right against the door while Jason's knocking it down anyway? Use your head man.
  4. Jason blocking traps: BS. Jason Combat Stancing down doors: Devs have stated is legit. Bodyblocking Traps as survivors: BS. This isn't rocket science.
  5. I'm personally hoping this weekend... but I'm expecting next week at the latest.
  6. You could, you know, link those "confirmed tweets" or something... you keep saying it was confirmed many times, but I've never seen it.
  7. Except it's not, if the devs don't want to the devs don't want to, I'll see it as a missed opprotunity, and a bit of a sad moment in gaming, but it wouldn't be the first time. Heck, there's that parkour zombie fighting game with co-op that refused flat out to put in playable female characters for co-op. I've played that, I don't agree with the choice [and eventually stopped playing because I wasn't finding it fun being forced into a singular, copy-paste skin] But my entire point of this thread was: Is sex a mechanic, and if it is, will there be a choice for homosexual interaction. That's literally it. Sorry if I'm sounding militant over it.
  8. There's several overweight people in the franchise... just off hand: Shelly Bananna girl Diner owner in JGTH just sayin...
  9. 1 fair. 2 Representation should be equitable... your position is essentially: "I don't think we need X type of person in this game because I don't think it needs to be there." Basically replace X with any minority [ie Try that with black and see how much of an ass it makes you sound.] 3: Drug Use is far from a "no-no" with the ESRB... see Grand Theft Auto V for a great example. Or Fallout, or any number of other games where drug use is common AND interactable.
  10. To address your first point: I seem to remember a while ago, discussion about engaging in sex during gameplay... I'm pretty sure it's never been stated that all the counselors are aware of Jason's activity at the beginning of the match. On your second point: Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll are quintessential 80's... that literally sums up the era, and is well known to be a huge part of Friday the 13th, it's asthetic, some of it's musical choices [Alice Cooper anyone?] ect. How many of the movies include potheads/stoners [damn near all of them.] and yes, this includes drinking, which in every movie, the teens get their drink on. Why do you think the devs went out of their way to get a group to literally create 80's themed rock anthem's for the game? Your 3rd point: You already said you don't care about asthetic in your 2nd point... yet you argue asthetics for a reason not to include GLB characters in your 3rd point? Interesting. I also mentioned, I'm not looking for additional representation. You seem to forget, Gay culture was huge in the 80's, and because of that, was one of the reasons the AIDS scare started up to begin with... all that started in the 80's, and should be entirely open to referencing in a game that literally, wouldn't exist, without the era in question. So... yeah, I mean I get you, and I get where you're coming from, and I don't expect to be catered to in this instance [hell like you, I was shocked to see AJ having a cross, but totally stoked for it, and for the record, I'm Wiccan, still glad to see some religious representation.] But there's a fine line to an experience like this. Back in the 80's, it wasn't socially acceptable to just be 100% open about it, now it's closer to a 75% acceptability or so. Hell even the last scream movie, and the scream TV series, have touched on it... so did the recent Childs Play movie... it's time to incorporate it into F13... even if it's just a side reference, it would be appreciated.
  11. While true, F13 is based in "reality". Gay people exist in reality, so to entirely ignore it, is backwards thinking. All I'm wondering is if there will be an option, for two consenting adults, who decide to play two characters of the same sex, to be able to initiate such an interaction through the contextual menus should sex be a viable gameplay option. It might NOT be an option, in which case, the point is moot... but again, sex is an important part of the franchise... and if you really want to tie it into the whole "Sex=death" horror cliche, it makes those characters even more likely to get it, because Sex AND a considered minority [because let's be honest, Minority's ALWAYS eat it in horror films.] which is twice the pain in a horror film, you're totally going to get it. LOL.
  12. So, Friday the 13th, we love it, obviously if we didn't we wouldn't be here. But one of the things that I was considering the other day while hyping this game up to a friend of mine, is the topic of Sex in the context of F13. Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll, those things are totally important to the franchise. Just as much as the slaughter our favorite maniac dishes out, but there's some considerations that I'm just a bit concerned about, especially in the sex aspect. Now we know Sex will be part of the game, devs have said it's an option before [likely to provide buffs to the players who engaged in it, and as a call to action for Jason]. But how deep does this go? Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking about how porntastic things will be, because obviously it won't be super graphic [we ARE still shooting for an M rating, not AO.] but in 2016/2017 [even in a game taking place in the 80's] I'm curious about representation, primarily of the GLBT variety. Now I'm not asking for trans characters, since Trans was kinda...well not exactly very common in the 80's[at least not in representation]... but let's be real, at the very least the GLB part of GLBT was still pretty much rockin even back then. And while we don't really see it in any of the films, I was curious if the devs had even considered Same Sex sexual encounters. I'd assume, for the event to trigger in the first place, to players would have to be in the same cabin or near the same object, and essentially queue into the action, meaning it would have to be consensual for both players [a button prompt: Press X to agree to sex.] which would set the animation into motion. Since that's likely how it's set up, I'm wondering if the devs considered allowing two male, or two female characters to interact through this prompt. Now I know for some this is a bit of a controversial topic. And homosexuality tends to be the butt of some horror jokes [just look at A Nightmare on Elm St. 2.] But in 2016/2017, in an age where we have same sex romance options in various games like Mass Effect and Skyrim and the like. Are we going to keep on that bleeding edge, or are we going to revert entirely to the 80's level of no overt representation [which would personally, be a shame, since it would likely take two consenting players to even start the option.] I'd just like the community, and developer's thoughts on this, if possible. On another note... has anything been discussed about recreational drug use in game?
  13. In a way, yes. For instance... AMD CPU's historically have bad performance with Unreal Engine, including the newest version of the engine. And with all the contextual based kills, and scripting, it's likely the game will be pretty complicated actually. One thing I have run into, is the textures look really muddy in the Virtual Cabin for me, and I'm not sure if for some reason the game's just not loading the textures quite right, or if there's something going on other than that, but I've seen graphics that looks much better, and I have a pretty beefy rig.
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