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  1. I own Slayaway Camp and while this game looks fun and I'll undoubtedly get it for the fact that it's F13, you can tell it's very much Slayaway Camp reworked to have Mr. Voorhees and Co. as features. So, the same kind of movement(sliders in so many moves), the same kind of challenges, etc. A very different game and in no way competes with F13: The Game.
  2. Hey, if the counselors don't kill me, it was a good run. I seriously don't get bent up about few kills. There's always the next time!
  3. Seeking the Removal or Adjustment Options for the Timer in Offline Mode Ok - So, not only is the offline mode great for practicing Jason, but what I enjoy most, is personal challenges and dissecting the activities and reactions from the bot counselors. For instance, I've tested and learned that Tommy will ALWAYS come back for his gun when it's dropped. It's fun to see what they do. I find I like playing personal challenges such as "can only use environmental kills" or "Mosey Mode - No using powers" or even allowing them to complete objectives as a fairer start. Also, after months of playing the game and enduring the extra stress that comes with being Jason, it's great to just casually stroll through my forest. However, my imagination has been limited due to the 20 minute time limit. One aspect I'd like to try, but the limit simply doesn't allow for, is "no place to hide", methodically eliminating all closet and hiding spots(which they seem to be unable to resist) before I even start my killing spree. Also, I should be able to stalk Chad for an hour should I choose. I feel an option to either turn off the timer or tweak the time limit for the mode would be a simple change that would just add to it. We're playing alone anyway, so sandbox this puppy. Other thoughts n' glitches: It's so cute when they fight back and try to figure things out. Chad's got no fear in this mode. The idea of them learning on my playstyle is VERY tantalizing. What if we could choose up to 13 counselors in this mode? if they could... if there could be a period of time where they have 0 fear and do group dancing or swimming activities/etc. until we start slaying, I'd be beside myself with joy. I agree the AI of the counselors needs improvement and tweaking. Especially for the harder modes. I've played with so many good players and I know that level of AI is way out of reach, but what about finding patterns/algorithms of actual multiplayer games and modeling their AI off of that? Super challenging I bet, but a thought. They HAVE to get better driving skills! What if, what if the counselors inherently possessed whichever perks the player owns for his/her counselors? Randomized most likely unless it's actually easier to use the exact models the player has set for them. Random costume changes a bonus. Glitches Noticed: Sometimes, when they get into their favorite hiding spot, the closet, it remains open with the counselors standing prone. I've had quite a few games now, where Tommy stays frozen at his entry point and remains so even after "escaping" a grab. Along with the running in place or circles/etc. sometimes the counselors will just decide to pop in to whatever room I'm in and that kinda pulls away from the immersion. They don't seem to ever enter the bathrooms, the outhouses or the tents to hide in. Nor do they turn on the radios or seem to get in the water beyond body level. They most certainly don't seem to go for the sweater or even consider trying to kill me. They also don't appear to try to escape once the cops have arrived although I did have Chad escape this way once, (CHAAAAAD!!!!) but I'm guessing he was near the exit when they arrived or something. Will test this more. Overall, this is yet another wonderful addition to an excellent game. I'd love to see this work the other way around as well, being able to SP a counselor. Seems the Jason bot would be easier to implement since his motives are rather simple. Perhaps some sort of pathing kills similar to the woods puzzle in the VC. I fully understand that we'd be far and beyond the most intelligent counselor there, with little coordination from them, but I think that's not too far from how some random MP games go anyway.
  4. Just a few simpler ideas to add flavor to what's already in the game. Trying to think of stuff that would be easy to implement while adding diversity to the matches. I'll just get right to it. 1. Rare/ Unusual Items: These would not be in every round and would be additional to what we have. Might not or even likely to not show up at all and no more than 1 or 2 in a match possible. Small item possibilities: (please share your ideas!) A single shotgun shell that allows a player with a gun to shoot twice. An area effect health pack A hockey mask reproducing the sweater effect for males. A wrench to improve repair Flippers for quick/silent swimming Gloves for better weapon strikes. A lighter to set fire to gasoline (I realize this one's not among the "simple" changes) Random Weapons: These could have the exact same power as the other weapons already implemented, but there for flavor. An oar by the beach A chef's knife in the kitchen A dagger with the same properties as a pocketknife A grenade (firecracker stun but maybe area of effect damage to players?) Pitchfork PLEASE That damn rake in the barn. Hockey Stick off the wall. (too funny not to implement) 2. Flavor-audio for the counselors / Scream Bring back the voice actors to add some personality touches to the counselors we know that could be used in-game. Also a serious scream for the ladies and Chad.that would be heard round the camp. Just hearing them have different responses to finding bodies or fighting/running from Jason would be refreshing as well. Nothing too crazy here. We don't want people spamming these in-game if it was player controlled. Perhaps they could be limited to a one-use per round thing somehow? 3. Hair color options for the Counselors: Hair styles would be great, but that would be further mapping/etc. Just having different colors to choose from adds to the variation we see with the clothes. Other Random Ideas: Alcohol: A 6-pack of beer to share. Have too many and get the fuzzy screen effect for the round. Good luck! Randomized colors in the camp lighting, illuminating the areas in eerie glows. (maybe too much for a simple change) Would be great for varied streams! A jump scare cat! Just one, and not always there, but really sets off that fear. Please put him in a closet/outhouse/barn. More random environment kills for Mr. Voorhees. That game table. The piano. The archery targets. The showers. That freaky rocking horse. Fun with Kitchen Appliances. Heck - the phone box would make a wonderful death scene. Through windshield of driving car. Some maps are begging for a cave. Alright. Enough for now. Back to camp!
  5. ooo - Good topic! I'm as good as dead. Composure - 8 Definitely generally calm. HAVE fainted at the sight of blood before though when I was young... Strength - 3 I'm 6'2" with tender, veal muscles. Speed - 6 For a very short period of time. Repair - 4 Could put in a battery and fill up a tank. hell if I know how a propeller goes on or a phone relay is installed! Stealth - 4 NOT stealthy and I have bad peripheral vision Luck - 5 MAYbe I have some weird luck? Stamina - 4 Used to be better! I would NOT make it running for very long. That being said, I think I'd be a hider. Like for a loong time. And not under some bed or in a closet, but in the woods.
  6. Just wanted to thank the Devs and all involved with the kill scenes in the game. I think they're authentic and cool to watch even after 70 hours of playtime. Some of them are particularly inventive as well! Beautifully done! Just a thank you for this!! Also, there's still a few I haven't seen!
  7. Very much worth the 120-some I paid in Backerkit. I've got 75+hours in so far. Less than $2/hr played. Filling a gas tank runs $40. Several people eating out at a freaking fast food place can hit $40. Heck, the quarters I threw away in the arcades years ago easily added up to $40 in a night. They've done this game correctly and paid close attention to the movie details. The joy I've had in experiencing this game WAY outweighs any cost. I see the game as cheaply acquired for the fun I've had. It helps if you have a good imagination and can immerse yourself into the matches, which comes easily for me. Every run is exciting.
  8. Just imagine the difficult place it must be, knowing that every day you delay the game, the people that collectively backed it growing louder in their dissent and demands to play the game they paid for. I see this release as a major success. They delivered each and every goal they stated. It probably would have been wise to release it PC only and delay console release since that seems to be where the issues are, but there are factors at the production levels we don't realize as consumers.
  9. I saw my first legit kill the other day and it was great. Jason wasn't on board/complying with it and they got him in front of the barn. Generally though, it's VERY difficult to pull that off yet even as counselors are getting smarter by the day. I'll partly agree with this thread though that logging into a match and immediately hearing "Kihwl Jason!?!" can get annoying. I usually say something along the lines of "if we're lucky!" and leave it at that.
  10. While I'm sorry to hear of the folks who are having trouble playing(PC here), I've actually had no issues other than the occasional glitches. I'm @49 hours of gameplay right now and that's just going to go up.I've had a tremendous amount of fun so far. I just watched the credits tonight as well and was really astounded at the number of backers for the game. I'm a small part of that myself but it's actually heartwarming to see the kind of support they got and the joy they had in making this production. I can only imagine what it's like to be on a team of folks that have tried as hard as they can to make the perfect F13th game and have to deal with so much backlash. While a corporation might put out an unfinished title due to time/budget constraints managerial politics, they don't have the slew of people who financed it from such a ground level putting the pressure on to get the game they paid for to release. It's almost a no-win situation and the way the public reacts to new games these days has made the idea of a game development career a no-go for myself at least. But this was their dream and they achieved it!! Graphically, it's beautiful. The shadows bounce naturally wherever the light hits. The forest and cabins look great and portray the ambience of the movies perfectly. People whine about the outlandish expressions without understanding that the counselors of the movies were NOT A-list by any means (sorry Kevin Bacon) and are well known for overacting in the movies. It's a thing. The music. Wow! I did not expect different (awesome) soundtracks for every Jason. And it builds up the suspense naturally as if I was in the camp myself. It's revealing to your peril without being everywhere all at once. I don't understand how they got the music to respond peripherally around everyone like they do. Speaking of peripheral audio, how does that radio/speaking feature even work? I've never seen such mastery of sound in a game. People's voices fade away as you move further from them. And somehow, we can play with people from all over the globe and it knows if we're on the radio or in the vicinity of each other. This is fresh tech to me anyway. They're not even asking for the full $60 price of today's bestselling games. I know I've spent an embarrassing amount of money on EA products only to be stuck with a virtually unplayable game (Simcity 5, Sims3, don't judge) from a company that couldn't care less about fixing their games. When Fallout 4 came out, it was a wild romp.... that very soon into the game became unplayable due to a bug for more than a week. I've spent a whole lot more on games that made me go "Oh, that was a waste of cash." As it is, many folks are havin' a lot of fun playing this. With patience, the bugs will get worked out as so many have already. I'm proud to be a small part of this creation. OMG I would have been mad with joy to be active with a project like this. I will definitely be supporting it further with DLC/etc. and if I won the lotto tomorrow, I'd throw them a wad of mad cash to just keep doing what they want in the game. Best of luck!
  11. As the title states, I'm wondering if there's folks out there who would like to group up on Steam to enjoy the game even further by roleplaying the counselors. I've seen a good bit of it naturally from some people here and there in game and it only makes it more fun. I'm not talking about being super serious or anything as the hilarity is part of the joy although we could have rounds that really played it up serious. Neither do I think the characters need to totally fit a prescribed role although there's natural tendencies for that (I'm looking at you, Chad!) If someone wants to rp their counselor their way, fine. Just seeing the potential of getting together folks who love getting into the vocal fun of the game and thought I'd put the option out there. I'm an all-night player EST myself.
  12. I would be all for a "group kill" option if 2 counselors just happen to be in the right spot together, but am fine with the mechanics as is.
  13. I fully agree that the balance of this game between Jason and the counselors is a finely-honed relief. As a counselor, I never feel safe. As Jason, I never feel fully confident that I'll get half of 'em. I'm in suspense mode all the time. Which is great.
  14. Only the bestest gaming experience of my life. So tired of the "this game is broken, I've been playing for 20 hours straight" crybabies.
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