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  1. forgetting one thing, and that's the timeline. parts 2,3,4 happen within days of each other. Part 2 on Friday the 13th, part 3 on sat the 14th and part 4 on sun the 15th. to elaborate further at the end of part 2, Jason is injured and flees his cabin. the next day (part 3) he wanders off and robs/kills a families local market and steals new clothes. he then stows away in a barn at Higgins haven to recover. Part 3 ends with an axe to Jason's head and he is taken to the morgue. Part 4 starts with Jason resuscitating at the morgue and escaping, afterwards a young Tommy Jarvis puts him down later that night (Sunday) so for your theory to be true it would have to be Roy (ughhh) since 1984 is several years after Packanack and tommy would be around the age (16 i believe in the movie) that he was at the events at part 5.
  2. dont boost repair bast a 7 or 8 cause it makes no difference always boost fear reduction and sprinting stuff
  3. i had an asshat playing chad swinging a wrench at me and killed me, came back as tommy, saw him grieffing another character and shot him in the back of the head,,,, guy actually complained. Saying its my friends 1st time as Jason i was just helping him by making everyone too injured to run... so i teabagged his corpse Another time a tiffany character threw firecrackers in front of me as im playing tommy (again) right next to the exit where the cops were going to spawn with 30 sec left. I checked the map and saw jason was chasing characters halfway through the map,,, so no reason to do this, espically right at the exit. So i shot her in the gut and waited for the cops to arrive and walked out,,,, got no time for fools: URP_Insanity and Wait dont Shoot are players on Steam who griefed me
  4. just like tommy jarvis in part 5 when he didnt take his pills or got stressed he saw jason. be neat if you could you passed by a window or mirror and saw him behind you or where your reflection should be
  5. this an awesome idea, darn near every movie in the franchise has hallucinations or a prophet of doom warning the teens about the dangers of the camp crystal lake. maybe if there fear is high enough they could even hallucinate the other counselors as jason. The audio sound effects are a definite must. I almost want to go full dementia and say if your fear gets high enough you sprint in a random direction away from the source of the fear,, maybe like for 3 to 5 sec in a blind panic. goes well with the hallucinations in my mind I wish we thought of this sooner!!! OH OH, another thought... I know the intro to every scene is Jason killing the flirty girl, but what if they found a body of one of the counselors or the prophet,, like when someone finds a body while going to the pantry, same result, just different cut scene OH OH OH,,,,what if Jason could pick up the bodies of slain counselors and move them to different areas to set up fear raising traps? every movie has the final girl running around and magically hitting every spot Jason placed a body and they freak out even more. For example Jason could kill a counselor then pick up the body and throw it through a glass window (causing it to shatter) into a lodge to instantly freak out the people in the cabin,,, hiding or not. Or, have them place it by well worn travel paths so counselors trip it causing it to spring out and cause another fear spike i.e like in part 1 with the Mr Christy falling from the tree with ropes lashed around him, or with Bill pinned to the door with arrows. Granted that was all Jason's mom but the idea is sound. Jason is an artiste when it comes to that stuff. I know its so late in production to add this stuff but maybe down the road as a update or with the offline mod major update
  6. sorry didnt mean for the double post. pic was being stupid trying to upload lol, feel free to delete the old one
  7. loved the video, wasnt sure about the tape skip until i saw that it was related to Jasons teleport. The hiding effect under the bed and the cabins to me were awesome and were reminded me of the 1st 3 films very vividly. Glad randy remembered to turn off his flash light when he was under the bed. The communication was awesome on this run and shows what a good team can do, even when the team had a 70% wipe out ratio. Im hoping for a choice of like 3 "jason" sound effects at random when hes near, as just one could get very repetitive to me. This has gotten my blood pumping for this weekend when we can all play through the beta
  8. i think if you quit under certain circumstances (like counselors are winning or you suck as Jason) then I think there should be a system that tracks it, and the next time it makes it harder for that person to be Jason. grief or rage quit to many times and you wont be able to chosen as Jason. The only flaw in this situation is that IF you can pick whose a counselor and whose Jason (like L4D does when people are choosing teams of either infected or survivors)
  9. just so long as thy dont hire gilbert godfry to do the voice of the counslers or betty white we should be fine with the general sterotypes for counslers lol
  10. Lawyer to Wes and Ben Lawyer: Im here to talk about the labor conditions in your shop Ben: Labor conditions in my shop? I dont sweat them Lawyer: ... Wes: Looks like someone needs the motivational cattle prod or the whip of enthusiasm Ben: Get the shackles of morale Lawyer: LET ME GO,,,,,NOOO!!!!!
  11. a letter of love and blood lol. Kane is def the man for the role. However i did like Derek from the remake as well if we cant get Kane. Its always helpful to have a 2nd strategy in case the main choice fails. At least that way the seeds are planted and it makes it easy to get the producers attention.
  12. I remember a while ago that if you were hiding from Jason and he incorrectly guessed where you were, he lost his weapon to the environment. I.E if you were hiding in the cabin and were in the armoir, but jason thought thought you were under the bed and stabbed the bed, he lost his weapon due to it getting stuck in the bed and was unable to pull it out. I can understand the frustration of some and I agree, i wish Jason could use multiple weapons in a match. However, if he did that there is a chance that players would wonder around looking for their fav weapon to kill the campers then actually killing the campers lol. I think a selection of weapons to choose from at the start screen would work best and pick one to start with makes sense. If Jason is limited to only a weapon based on the movie/skin, then that is a disaster because your going to be having a large majority of players pick part 7 and 3 for the machete and ax respectively. At that point you have wasted a huge investment of time and money on the other skins that not many people will play based solely on the weapon choice. Either way, the trailer at PAX showed different models using different weapons,,, so we know it is possible to at least program the animation. I dont know jack about the fine art of video game design, so im not trying to arm chair someone who makes a living doing it on when they know better. That all said and done,,, im hoping Jason could use multiple weapons in a match. Hell one of my fav sceens is part 7 when he axes Tina in the face and throws her over the t.v, but if my choice of weapon is the machete for part 7 alone, im bummed on 2 accounts. 1. im stuck picking part 7 almost every time since hes my fav jason and the machete is my fav weapon that he uses, but now thats the only reason i play him. 2, It limits my want to choose another jason if hes armed with anything else or it limits my play style as any of the other Jasons. In short it pigeon holes every Jason plain and simple, which may make the strategies to defeat them easier. I dont mind being totally wrong on this, just some answers soonish would be nice. Again Gun media and Illfonic you have nothing but my deepest respects and love for all the hard word you put into the game and clearly the love you show us in the community by taking the time to respond to us out of your busy day.
  13. I remember a while ago that the slasher back was only like 2k away from reaching the next stretch goal. Im pretty sure we obliviously past that by now, but i havent heard anything about it and was curious. Im hoping that we did cause that was the Tommy Jarvis stretch goal of him helping us counslers. Any updates on that?
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