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  1. I think teabagging should be done daily IRL.
  2. Whats even sadder...while their entire F13 fanbase thinks of GUN with disgust, they are probably still considering F13 a complete success and self praise themselves everyday since they sold over two million copies of the game.
  3. Because of your avatar, everything of yours I read I heard as Ash...and it fit. lol
  4. I honestly don't know why, but I've been getting the urge to watch that horror movie starring Kane from the WWE, I don't remember what it is called at the moment. I haven't seen it yet. Is it a legit horror movie?
  5. I was unaware until a forum member posted, but GUN Media has indeed begun work on a new project...which is why they probably don't give two craps about fixing this game. And it seems they started the new project immediately after announcing that continueing content for F13 would be bad business...yeah, bad business in the sense of not being able to start a new project to sucker more people out of their money to buy their stupid new game...which will probably also be broken as frak.
  6. Um, you do know places like Youtube, Twitch, Mixer, and many other places where you can watch thousands of hours of boring DBD gameplay exists, right? Your sarcasm became invalid they day the internet was conceived.
  7. Okay shifty, if it wasn't you, then check the admin log and tell me which one did it, and the reason of the deletion they stated in the log.
  8. Then who is? So far two posts I made today in this very thread have been deleted. Only mod I see in here right now is you. And, the deleted posts were in direct response to posts belonging to you.
  9. So shifty, how many more of my posts are you gonna delete, because you know I am right and you are wrong?
  10. If you send an invite to anyone that asks, then what is the point of making it invite only? Rather than attempting to explain the reasoning of your exclusivity, you should have just replied "cofveve".
  11. Um, if you want to weed out trolls, then you remove them from the club, after they've trolled. Let's see, judging people and taking action against someone that hasn't done anything yet...are you a Police Officer?
  12. lmao @ invitation only clubs. You do realize that is one of the oldest forms of discrimination in human history, right? And before you say, "we don't discriminate"....um, it's invitation only...so yeah, you do. A "good sportsmanship club", that is invitation only...a contradictory of terms there, ya know.
  13. Morph...was foreshadowing for how this game would morph into a piece of crap, because they knew all of their developers suck and cannot even fix their own game. Shift...was foreshadowing GUN abandoning this project to work on another project.
  14. Are you a Dead By Daylight developer? If you are you have to say...it's the law. ?
  15. Gotta make ya wonder if any of the developers received better than a C- in game coding.
  16. They both know the truth. They both know exactly the conditions of the agreement. One of them is lying.
  17. The Avengers Infinity War 10 out of frakkin 10. The perfect Marvel movie from start to finish...and easily the best superhero movie I've ever seen. Can't wait for my official region free 3D Bluray to arrive in a couple weeks, from India lol.
  18. Yup, did it to me before, but not recently. Maybe they are having issues again? Just chill though...it will work again soon, hopefully.
  19. I wait until the lobby is full, which doesn't really take that long. And as someone else pointed out, it's only two minutes. Some people like the two minutes, for a quick trip to the bathroom or fridge. I've had enough matches where I become Jason and there are only 2 or 3 counselors to kill, because we all readied up to early...what a waste of a Jason turn.
  20. I would really like a breakdown on what GUN Media and Illfonic each contributed to the game.
  21. Lets expand even further on Thorn. We can use your Silver Shamrock connection to tie Michael with H3. Then, what if Thorn also happens to be connected with the same Thorn family from the Omen movies? Then we could bring Michael and the Omen into the same universe, maybe even a Michael Myers/Damien Thorn meetup? If anything, it could make a decent fan novel.
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