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  1. Well I just made a post about something I found that could potentially be a big bug. There's no reason to argue with me, when all I've done is just describe it and posted a picture
  2. Well you can get on top of stuff you're not supposed to, fences, furniture and other things. I managed to get on top of one of the cabinets you can hide in.I don't imagine Jason can get me while I'm up there.
  3. Well that is true, but you're not supposed to be able to do it though are ya? Also I think if you really try, you can get on top of taller furniture. Say theres 2 boxes, you get on top of those, then theres a bookcase next to it and you get on top of that, kinda like stairs. I can imagine people can find some spots where Jason cant get you, or maybe even glitch through the building. For example, just found a spot in a cabin. Theres a corner with a fairly big chair blocking it. By doing this you can get behind the chair and into the corner Can also get on top of the fences at the graveyard And in the barn you can get pretty much everywhere Yep, just managed to get on top of a cabinet
  4. So I randomly found out that if you walk towards any small furniture in a cabin, your counselor bounces up and down, and if you crouch while its doing that you can get on top of small furniture. By doing this you can manage to get on top of taller furniture by using smaller furniture as stairs. I managed to get on top of a closet that you can hide in.
  5. So I just played a game where I was Jason, had a trap at the phone box, but somehow someone managed to fix the phone box without triggering the trap? There was no possible way he could've dodged it as it was in the perfect spot. After the match I asked in chat how he didn't trigger the trap, and all he said was ":)"
  6. I love playing Jason, he's the most fun for me in this game. All the Jasons have their own stats and stuff, and while some are balanced, I think there are some who needs tweaking. Almost in every lobby I'm in, I hear people say that part 7 is the worst, and I agree to that. He's not bad (cause he's still JASON) but he's not good or even decent either. Even though I consider myself a good/decent Jason player, I still struggle with killing everyone as part 7. He is still my favorite Jason, cause of his look and his feel, but he simply isn't as effective as the other Jasons are. Two of his Strenghts don't really do that much: He has Water Speed, which makes him a torpedo in water, but there are few situations where you actually go in the water. The only real reason to go into water is to chase the boat. So it doesn't really do all that much. The Jasons without water speed can still chase the boat. I try to use the water as much as possible, but it never really gets me anywhere since all the councilors are inside cabins 100 ft away from any water. Grip Strength, I don't notice any difference at all. People usually have a pocket knife, and if they don't they die, simple as that. The thing that makes this guy so ineffective in my opinion, is his Weaknesses and Strengths combined. Minus Traps and Shift Weakness are both huge Weaknesses, and when he doesnt have two huge Strenghts, then he just becomes ineffective. Here's a scenario: 5 minutes into the game, you morph to the phone box and put a trap down. Meanwhile other councilors have gathered enough to fix the car. You hear the car start but you cant morph there cause its still recharging. When you finally do get morph back, you morph to the car, but you cant catch up to it cause of the Shift Weakness. Car is gone. While that was going on, someone found the fuse, but got trapped in the trap you just put down. You know they got trapped but cant do anything about it cause you're half a mile away and your morph is on cooldown. Phone is fixed and police is called. Pretty much the end of the game. Part 7 has trouble with catching councilors. He has few knives to throw, and he has Shift Weakness. If he has no knives then its pretty hard to catch up to any councilor. He also has trouble with traps, and because he only has 3 traps total, he has to be extra aware of whats going on at each escape option. With morph being so slow, it makes it hard for him to secure places of interest. And with him being so ineffective at catching councilors, he has a pretty hard time. Say he hears the phone being messed up, so he morphs there and finds a dumb Tiffany. He begins to chase her, but because he only has 2-3 knives and Tiffany has med spray, she gets into a cabin safely and you now have no knives left. He hears the car trap being activated, so he morphs to the car to find 2-3 councilors. They all run away and he cant catch them. It's just an endless cycle of him chasing councilors, to him morphing to an important spot to defend it. So he has a hard time killing people. Eventually they all get together and fix the car, then the game is over. Part 7 isn't "bad", he's just not as effective as the other parts are. I think he should have increased Morph regeneration speed, instead of his Grip Strength, so that he has an easier time getting around to defend the important spots he cant defend with traps. I don't mind his Shift Weakness but when you look at part 7 compared to part 2, he lacks in pretty much everything except Water Speed, but Water Speed just isn't good enough for it to be of any use. So the only thing Part 7 has, is Sense, which will help you find them, but it wont help you get to them or kill them.
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