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  1. I 100 percent share your sentiment. Just imagining it seems really awesome and I'm really glad that you brought it up. I hope to see at least some rain in the game it definitely gives it more of an F13 vibe
  2. Just wanted to say thanks for backing the game! I look forward to playing as you! Lol. Honestly I've loved f13 for my entire life and I'm hoping we don't have to wait too much longer to at least see some new stuff.
  3. I think I've seen a tweet where they say they're not going in a direction of day/night because of processing power. Maybe the rain and everything is along the same lines? I know they want to make the game accessible to as many people as possible. That said, I would love to see some rain at least. Dark, rainy night with a bolt of thunder every once in a while would be awesomely immersive! I hope someone with more info can chime in.
  4. I don't think a charge will be made until they've announced a release or anything. They've said on Twitter they'll let everyone know way in advance
  5. I do believe the Y button is rage mode, something they've mentioned before, or maybe it's from Charmin's videos/interviews. Seeing that mask come off after a smack from a counselor is bound to be a *gasp* moment for everyone!
  6. I remember reading how excited people were for Jason too (still am don't get me wrong). But I'm a huge fan of the survivor gameplay in games like this. I would love just seeing a small video of regular counselor gameplay. I'm sure we'll get one before too long. I know Jason is the star here but I wanna see the underdogs too The new map is very exciting to think about as well!
  7. I actually could see this being the case. I would love to be able to play ASAP but Gun Media and Illfonic are definitely trying to do it right. I just hope that we can at least get a nice steady stream of some info soon. All signs point to the Cabin being just about finished as it is.
  8. Wishful thinking I would love to see a playtest match. Realistically I would love to see more light shed on counselor gameplay. What do you guys think we'll be seeing (hopefully) soon?
  9. That's exactly what I told my nephew as we were watching the video live on the panel lol. Same exact wording
  10. I was thinking there was just a little too long between some of the throws and final executions. But that can be touched up and stuff so I'm not too worried. During the panel they said everything seen in the video was after the counselors had a chance to get away and fight back.
  11. Yeah supposedly it'll be in the game soundtrack (maybe play on radios like in the e3 video?) Here's a link to the bands Facebook page where they say it, along with two others, will be on the official soundtrack when the game launches 'sometime in October' in their own words
  12. You definitely can do that. The devs have said (I believe) you can freely swing your weapon around if you don't want to see any cinematic camera or contextual killing. I'm very excited to see free-flowing combat actually.
  13. I agree that some counselor co-op stuff would be cool. It does seem like it could be tough for new people to get into only seeing one part of gameplay in a trailer. I think a 3-5 minute trailer in the same vein as the last piece of the e3 footage would be amazing. I could just imagine it being quiet in the beginning of the trailer while a player or two creep around then Jason shows up and the chaos ensues. Would just be amazing to see the immersion they've crafted.
  14. You and I have the exact same thoughts, as I rewatched the video I just was glancing at the background and wondering what it's like at the very beginning of a real match of the game. I think showing a nice piece of a match would be amazing. Hopefully sooner rather than later.
  15. I actually was hoping for a little more light on counselor stuff as well. I am actually more excited to play a counselor to be honest, hopefully info will come soon! Although, it was called 'Art of the Kill' so I had an inkling it would be mainly Jason
  16. That's one thing that really helps me cope with not much 'real' gameplay yet. These guys really show how much they've loved the franchise since before the game became what it is. It's clearly more than a paycheck to them.
  17. I thought the panel was a great insight into how they're approaching the game. The kill montage was awesome as well! What do you guys think?
  18. Yeah it's 10pm Pacific Time, Eastern time is 3 hours ahead I think so about 1am for you! I'm sure the official twitter will tweet out as it's about to happen as well!
  19. If I remember correctly they've said there will be an in game VoiP option, but they also made sure to say they're heavily considering how that will impact the game because of people who want to grief and troll other counselors.
  20. Hey there guys, hope you're all doing well! I'm Absoluttion, and looking forward to having awesome discussions about F13 with you all! I've been a fan of the franchise ever since I was little. I love horror, and to me there's nothing more iconic than Jason himself. I'm currently in college studying journalism and I've written for some fansites for video games before, as well as done my own independent reviews for games! Thanks for taking the time to read, I look forward to learning the game with all of you dedicated fans here!
  21. This is a late comment to this thread (I'm newer to the forums), but I love this idea. I would love to see a body hanging in a doorway out the back of a cabin that the counselor has to run through to get out. (Kinda like part 3 I believe). Of course, having to push aside your hanging friends body would induce a LOT of fear... Very excited!
  22. It would be cool to see some key giveaways on this forum as well, I feel like this is a small, tight-knit group who are really enjoying everything put out by Gun Media and Illfonic. Unfortunately I cannot make it to PAX either, but I'll definitely be looking forward to posts on IG and Twitter!
  23. That is actually what I was hoping for. Would be cool to see a match through just to get a feel for it.
  24. Keeping in mind the panel is called 'The Art of the Kill,' what would you love to see if they showed off a small piece of gameplay?
  25. I swear I heard there will be no 'meter' for fear, just visual and sound indicators by the counselor. I'm super excited!
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