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  1. I really like the idea of the social stat. It seems like the way you've got it set up seems to mix with composure a little bit. But maybe a social stat could even boost other counselors in some way, like a faster depletion of their fear meter (because they are good with people). Love the ideas, you always post cool discussions (Obviously to a cap, can't have the whole gang stacking high social counselors lol)
  2. Awesome posts, love the insight you're giving to people on game development. You guys seem to be taking it all very seriously and love telling people just how hard even the simplest things can be in game development. Again, thanks for being so in-depth with the intricacies, can't wait to see counselor gameplay!
  3. Wes just tweeted that they're between an M and AO rating at the moment. They're of course fighting to keep as much in as possible
  4. Great post. Love the feeling of community here. My whole life I've loved video games and horror movies. Now these can come together and I can meet and interact with new people who have the same interest, great to have you here!
  5. When I watched Crystal Lake Memories (8! hour documentary) I think they touched on that. It was a plot hole I think they didn't even think about lol. I think it's hilarious
  6. Absolutely love the splash screen. I will probably just sit and listen to the music haha. Very great camera angles that show off the detail the artists have put into the characters.
  7. Thanks for these weekly posts answering the more 'interesting' questions fans have about this game. It's good to see you on the forums here and interacting 'screen-to-screen' with the people who just want to know the 'whys' of the game. Very excited for the beta 'soon' and hope to be able to play a match with you someday! P.S. Splash screen for the beta looks mighty fine
  8. I wouldn't mind not seeing her in the game. Just the rigging/motion capture alone would be so expensive. I'm excited to see how the pacing is working out as-is. Cool of you guys to be so informative as to why things won't necessarily work.
  9. This is a good question. I know there is body manipulation in the sense of a crouch and context sensitive climbing and stuff. I think it'll probably more context dependent, but hopefully someone can chime in cause this is a good question!
  10. I was actually really happy with the quality in the voice lines. Sound great, can't wait to play with that minimal HUD and only on-character showings for fear and damage! These lines are pretty cool, and very diverse.
  11. I just got into the beta (I have a code). I never really got into Gwent so I'm not dying to play it at the moment. You're free to have to code if you'd like, maybe just let me get your code whenever you get in later down the line lol.
  12. Hey, off topic, but did you get into the closed beta for Gwent in the new wave?
  13. I think I'll be doing a giveaway as well. I might only be using 2-3 of my 5 keys, and I really love forums here. It's been a fun time looking forward to this game with all you familiar faces!
  14. Yes they will, finished assets and stuff are usually last on the list before release. That said, like other people have pointed out, this game only has a budget of less than $2 million from the Kickstarter (which is minuscule). The game looks good visually in my opinion, and with the sheer amount of mocapped animations I'm sure that set them back a pretty penny. I'm just happy they fixed that lighting bug they were dealing with in UE4, that had me worried for the overall feel of the game. They actually cleared up that the multiplayer launching in 'Spring' was a typo. They are set for an early 2017 release at the moment (Multiplayer)
  15. I'm more interested in gameplay elements. I know a few devs have stated the foliage isn't done. Overall I think their using UE4 pretty well. The game is in alpha at the moment (beta hasn't even launched) so before final pass of assets they're trying to make sure core gameplay mechanics function correctly
  16. I got myself a PC copy of the game, but as someone who has an Xbox as well I completely get the hoops that need to be jumped through. I know people get pissy about no console beta, but they're going to just have to understand. It's not a choice, it is a result of money and time. Glad to see you on here and it's a very well-written post. I hope this can open peoples eyes and show them that making a game isn't drag and drop stuff
  17. Too awesome. Glad to see the audience sing-along. They sound great live!
  18. I really like the idea of XP and awards being listed in the newspaper. I wouldn't mind not having some kind of CG, if we did it would be cool just to see replays of kills (in case I wasn't hiding in a bush watching). But I REALLY like the newspaper idea! Awesome!
  19. Even as someone who is infinitely more excited about multiplayer over singleplayer, I don't understand why people didn't think some kind of delay was coming. They've been hounded and hounded for singleplayer. I'm just excited for beta. I hope we get a nice chunk of time (2 weeks - 1 month pleeeeeeease) for the beta. I admire the hard work and love for the franchise these guys have. All I want is to see their new gameplay video focusing on counselors!
  20. Great looking video, can't wait to be the one making the videos! I hope it's well optimized!
  21. I thought that was Last Year that had to change its art? Either way, I'm all for these horror games coming out. F13 is by far my most anticipated game this fall but it's very interesting to see another horror icon popping up in a game. I never thought they'd get a license for a franchise, I definitely thought they were building their own lore with DbD
  22. I love the idea of hiding HUD to play in a cinematic way. But they're already have a lot of problems with multiple light sources in Unreal Engine as it is. I'm sure any settings for lighting will just stay that way. The recent playtest shots look a lot better than before that's for sure
  23. Awesome to see people on top of this, not a lot of companies really care about that shit.
  24. I swear I've read something about them having certain counselors be better at fixing certain things. Like edgy guy might be better at fixing cars, etc.
  25. Loving the playtest shots they're sharing. I noticed the map actually looks better than before too. Can't wait for more info!
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