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  1. I asked Wes earlier if you could opt out of being Jason or if it was all random. He replied saying it was random
  2. I'm glad to see you here! Hopefully we get to play together one day!
  3. Great to have you here! Hope you enjoy the game!
  4. Good to see you on the forums! Thanks for being such a great part of the discussions on the Discord
  5. This looks absolutely amazing. Great UI work Wes please pass on my thanks to whomever worked on the art for the UI.
  6. It's only around 10 gb in size. Could be a lot worse that's for sure
  7. Well a lot of games do have the option to spectate matches and I think it's a cool idea. The only way that could work is if it was delayed, like you're watching a match around 5 minutes behind real time or something. Either way I think it would be cool if we could save replays and watch them from any POV, that's a dream feature for me
  8. Lol it seems as though he did, but that picture is amazing. But I think you're right, most counselors will probably have a couple slots they can customize. Would be cool to be able to mix and match clothing. I could see it just being outfits to choose from as well
  9. I'm not saying that is the reason or excuse of course, I'm not overly sure exactly what it is. Yeah we are playing on the most powerful consoles ever, but graphical fidelity has gone up tremendously alongside the power of consoles. There is a lot of technical aspects that go into even a small amount of minute detailing on stuff like wounds, gore. I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to game design, but it would be cool to hear about the more technical side of your question.
  10. No worries at all, they've been very hush about a lot of stuff we're going to be experiencing in the next few weeks. Another good place to check (especially here soon with beta) will be the F13 Reddit. Lots of info and people to play with there as well as here!
  11. Yes it is going to be an option in beta and on to full release I believe. Party size has not been talked about yet
  12. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with the power they're working with from consoles and making sure a plethora of PCs will be able to run it effectively. Only time will tell, maybe Wes can chime in and explain it a little more in depth
  13. Movies and games are rated differently so it's not really about 'problems' But I do agree that a hippie would be an interesting class
  14. This is a good question actually. I heard we would only have one map and maybe one Jason to play with during the beta. Ive had the same thought about things being tested by a larger playerbase. No matter what, a game dev cannot account for how different people play the game. Usually a beta has implied the game is 'feature complete' so it would suck if multiplayer features didn't make it in, but they are an indie team so it's a true test. I guess we will just have to wait and see what they throw out there, hopefully we get an announcement soon. I also hope it's more than a weekend long
  15. No you don't meet the min specs. You do need a 2gb card according to the minimum specs. Minimum is 1080p @ 35fps I believe, I'm not sure if it's on high or low.
  16. I will bet it's because of the item room. I have an i5-4690k and gtx 970 and I even drop frames no matter what settings I'm on when I face the item room, maybe it has to do with the amount of objects that are in there. Usually dedicated graphics aren't the best when it comes to playing games, but I'm not too sure how those specs match the VC recommended specs. Just remember the cabin is not optimized or anything. They have released the Min and Rec specs for the upcoming beta so make sure to check those compared to your PC specs!
  17. Great to have you here! If you use Discord we have a server, and also there is the Reddit as well!
  18. with the 960 probably medium/high settings @ 1080p. After the 1070 you should be golden, that's a good cpu. It's possible you won't be able to run it at a constant 60 on epic, depending on the optimization and the resolution you plan on playing at.
  19. Great to have you be a part of the discussion! Great to have you here
  20. Same, my thread was locked then unlocked apparently but no dev popped in to tell anyone it was a joke. Fingers crossed it wasn't lol. I'm sure procedural stuff like that might eat FPS, I'm sure there are specific points were wounds occur. Oh well. Lol
  21. You guys are awesome. Pass on my thanks to the engineers at Illfonic, they did great work with optimization !
  22. Wow these are really manageable! I was just curious (with the rise of 4k) which spec is targeting 1080p 60fps?
  23. Dammit! Lol thanks for the heads up! Delete or close the thread?
  24. Im sure we'll see more soon as gameplay snippets come out, but I just wanted to ask what everyone has thought of the little peak we got of GoreTech a while back? Also, if Wes or Ben wanna chime in, how has GoreTech been coming alone? I'm a sucker for the actual technology in games.
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