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  1. No, the "complaint" was because the car had previously WORKED (not just once) after the above-mentioned event occurred. (I would add: I have a thick skin perk.) Is this a glitch? I do not know, but then I can be pretty lucky... It could still be a good game if the developers hadn’t left it behind and listened to the players to fix the bugs. ( I know they weren't in an easy situation either, I know the details.)
  2. This glitch happened to me today: I got in the car by getting into the trap before (no problem because I always got in the car with the trap if the trap is exact at the car door) but even though I started the car with the key, I couldn’t go with it . I simply pushed the gas pedal in vain, the car did not move. There are more bugs in this game than the stars in the sky.
  3. It's an interesting topic. A lot of people don’t like Vanessa, I partly understand that because yes, a lot of Vanessa is trolling but I think it's a manageable problem. This is my experience: most of the time I choose Vanessa for one simple reason: with a good marathon and/or restful perk I have a better chance of finding a pocket knife, spray (and of course other things like gun, gas etc.) so I have a better chance of surviving against Jason as well. (I don’t like when someone is looking for things by leaving every door open.) There is no particular problem with repairs either because if you start the repair cycle more than once you can solve it with fewer clicks sooner or later. Of course I still screw up sometimes but I still have a pocket knife and/or spray if Jason shows up . I tried all the characters several times (level 150) and Vanessa is in the top 2 or 3 overall. Of course if your main goal is to repair then obviously don’t choose her. I have more problems with those silly Jasons who keep killing the host first who then unfortunately quit at least 30% of the time. This is my experience on ps4.
  4. I’m posting a request because hosts are quitting ridiculously often in the last 6-8 months. (PS4) Please only be a host (public match) if these are not specific to you: Jason killed you and you can't stand it You died first and you can't stand it You just don't have the patience to wait for a match to end (dead player) You didn't become Tommy Jarvis and you can't stand it The car-boat didn't wait for you / you didn't fit in and you can't stand it After you die you stay but you quit near the end to fck with the others You’re Jason and the match doesn’t turn out the way you want for whatever reason No problem if any of these are true for you but then the host status is not for you.
  5. Today I ran into 2 anomalies again in the same match: 1. There was a pocket knife in the front room of Jason’s shack (it certainly was) but I could NOT pick it up. (I've experienced this before: the 'activity icon' didn't appear) 2. Two minutes later when I wanted to shoot with the shotgun I couldn’t lift it and couldn’t even pull the trigger. Of course Jason caught and killed me as I stood there in front of him like a fool and tried to fire the gun several times.
  6. Weird because I had been under the bed for ~2 minutes and Jason was "fighting" with a teammate (or just led to me) more houses away than where I was. The strange thing is that when they got to the house where I was the teammate was next to the house and then moved away but Jason came in and found me right away. So my teammate couldn’t see which bed I was under. Anyway, it's weird, maybe just lucky as you said.
  7. Help me understand this: Jason knew exactly which bed I was under in a house that had at least 5-6 beds. My character didn't make a sound, but Jason went to my bed right away. I was suspicious in the match that two players were doing teamwork. (Jason and a teammate.) Is there a way for Jason to know which bed I am under?
  8. The game is 4 years old and we are still struggling with the same problems: - ...problems that are not related to the players. Problems (e.g. character control) that will never be fixed. Could be listed there are quite a few of them, everyone encountered these problems, especially as a counselor. (ps4) - ....since there is a p2p game (again), the hosts have been quitting one after the other after they have been killed. Sometimes half of the matches end with the host quitting, but in a good case, a third of them end that way. It’s out of the question that I’m unlucky because I’m constantly seeing this lately. (Why the hell does someone want to be a host if they can’t stand being killed?) - ...teamers and team killers everywhere - ...yelling kids
  9. There is always something to look for: gas, battery, propeller, fuse, maybe an extra trap for an another house where you already have one. As for survival (if the car/boat couldn’t be solved because they went out with it or there were too few people left): for me the door-to-door method worked best. It gives Jason the most work and it can take time. Of course these are houses that I or my teammates closed and I/they also set a trap if there was a trap in the house. But for others, there is another way, there is no problem with that.
  10. The best when you climb into the closet instead of jumping out while running toward the window. From Jason approx. 1,5 meter. He killed me because I can't come out fast because Jason stand right the front of it.(closet) So I die because of this character-control error. With two pocket knifes and a double spray... I didn't even want to believe it ... Unfortunately this game is bleeding from many wounds. This should work this way: you can only pick up something from the ground/floor if you look towards the floor/ground or climb under the bed or in a closet by standing right in front of the closet (looking in the direction of the closet) or right next to the bed. But they will never fix these problems since there will be no more patches. In fact I often die just because of things like that. I rush to the window, I want to jump out, and my character suddenly turns right and opens a drawer...
  11. As I know there will be no update or patch in this game anymore. I know about the PC platform issue (it doesn’t affect me) but there are other things that need to be fixed. One example: the character control should be much more precise. It's funny when your character instead of jumping out the window, picking up an object from the ground though you didn't even turn toward the direction of the floor. When you die because of things like that no matter how good player you are it’s disappointing. Bonus: the p2p is almost useless as half of the games the host simply quits (after he/she died) and the others suck. 👎
  12. 1. Set preferences. 2. Unfortunately there are bigger problems that they will never fix. It is full of errors.
  13. Unfortunately it has also become disappointingly rare for a match to at least end. Today 7 out of 10 games ended with: 1, Jason didn't want to be Jason and quit; 2, the host couldn't stand being killed and quit (why does he want to be a host then?); 3, connection time out; 4 teamers (usually I quit at this point) so the end is here.
  14. Unfortunately the lobbies are full of them and many times you only see them afterwards. I could write countless examples, it can be quite disappointing. It can be deceptive because a teamer doesn’t always lead Jason to you. A lot of times it just seems like Jason has a tunnel vision and just wants to kill you.It used to be like that also but you notice that. But then you notice that he only wants to kill you even if you run around the teamers. And they usually block the path at the door or window. I always quit at this point, just before he kills me.
  15. Since then I have experienced other problems/bugs that no one will fix anymore... even worse that these make things difficult for campers (see my previous post) and Jason hasn’t been in a difficult situation so far: traps, morph, sense, shift, stalk, rage mode.
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