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  1. Tell me, is it possible to buy this book somewhere else now? I have wanted to read it for a long time, I'll try to find something about the book at https://phdessay.com/before-breakfast/, as I'm used to getting a little familiar with the work first. I also read about "Before Breakfast" (this is the last book I have read) on this site, by the way, helped me to understand the story in detail.
  2. The best book I've read this year is The Lottery by Shirley Jackson. The story illustrates stupid and blind following traditions, it is very interesting to read living in the modern world. I even started looking for the lottery analysis essay to understand more about the book and story. And I found a lot of interesting things in essays that I didn’t notice when I read it or maybe I didn’t understand.
  3. and who is there from Generation X? just wondering
  4. tell me how to write a good script? without a script school. On one forum I was advised to order the help of the guys from https://edubirdie.com/buy-dissertation so that they could help me edit my texts. and then they can be published on Internet resources or other digital publications. But I'm not sure if you can do it for me. What do you think?
  5. Recently I started writing horror stories. It all started with the fact that I spent the night at home myself for a whole week.
  6. I like tik tok and instagram because I don't like writing long messages. Social networking is a way to build your own mini world for friends and readers. Your page is a mirror or window of your life. I recently read an educational text https://phdessay.com/free-essays-on/social-media/ about social networks and how they are applied in modern life. Social networks can be a tool for communication, income, donations, testing.
  7. This is a good version, but I did not understand the point about regeneration. I know that a person cannot feel pain due to damage to the center of pain in the brain, but I do not know about regeneration. I'm curious about the events of this ability. )) I recently read a comparative story about Frankenstein and Prometheus. These characters had the ability to regenerate their tissue. Promitheus had a divine blessing and the monster had a scientific approach.
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