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  1. I like tik tok and instagram because I don't like writing long messages. Social networking is a way to build your own mini world for friends and readers. Your page is a mirror or window of your life. I recently read an educational text https://phdessay.com/free-essays-on/social-media/ about social networks and how they are applied in modern life. Social networks can be a tool for communication, income, donations, testing.
  2. This is a good version, but I did not understand the point about regeneration. I know that a person cannot feel pain due to damage to the center of pain in the brain, but I do not know about regeneration. I'm curious about the events of this ability. )) I recently read a comparative story about Frankenstein and Prometheus. These characters had the ability to regenerate their tissue. Promitheus had a divine blessing and the monster had a scientific approach.
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