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  1. I played Dead by Daylight for 3-4 years. It USED to be the most toxic community imo. Coming to Friday The 13th after taking a break for 2 years, I would honestly say both are on the same level now since DBD are getting newer players and people are starting to calm down. (Thank GOD)
  2. My personal favourites: Savini, P8,P5,P3,P6 and P9. < I switch between these Jasons from time to time. 1.) Savini Jason, of course. No need for explanation. 2.) Part 8 - He's pretty strong, other than Savini. 3.) Part 5 - Sure his defense isn't great, but you can learn to play around it. Knowing how to block is important playing him if you are playing against high damage counselors; He has no real weaknesses. 4.) Part 3 - He's neutral. I'd rank him the same as P5 but you are more likely to be impacted by p3's weaknesses than P5's. 5.) Part 6 - Personally my favourite, he's fun to play around with. 6.) Part 9 - He is a beast if you play him right. It takes actual skill playing him, though not many players know how to. I'd list him higher but he isn't that strong and lacks map control, along with other things. 7.) Part 4 - Not a great choice, high damage + destruction is good. He lacks map control and his shift is slow, which makes him not strong, but weak. Imo they are pretty much for braindead players. 8.) Part 2 - Like others would say, he's great with map control. Great morph, but weak when it comes to getting beaten by groups of counselors that needs to be slashed, not grabbed. Blocking may help, but it's up to how you play. Water movement isn't great, so it will be difficult if you don't know what you're doing when catching counselors on a boat.Used to main this guy when I first started. Bad idea. 9.) Part 7 - His strengths doesn't give you a lot of advantage. Normally, I wouldn't mind, but the traps just made him a no-no for me. ___
  3. Hello, my name's Luna. I've been playing this game since it went free on PS4 (then i stopped for like a year or two) but I recently came back a few months ago, been playing ever since and i'm pretty sad that the dedicated servers are gone now. Definitely wish it didn't come to this. :(
  4. A few months later, surprisingly there are still new players playing the game.
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