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  1. Ok thanks. I had the game on my Xbox One, but it blew a fuse and I don't have the money to get another one. I want to get it on my Laptop, but am someone apprehensive, as I don't want to pay $40 only to find out it either will not run, or the lag and choppiness will make it unplayable
  2. I have a laptop that meets *most* of the recommended specs, except for the following, per the web page 'Can You Run It' I have 1 gb video ram, instead of the 1024 requirement and I am running on a 2.2 CPU Will it still run on those specs? Thank you very much
  3. Ok cool. Still getting the Database Login Failure message. Gonna un-install and re-download to see if that helps. Thanks for the update as I know your hands are full at the moment
  4. I've played a lot of Madden 17 as of late
  5. I remember when the Star Wars MMO went live some ten years ago and I couldn't connect for days, and that was through Sony Online, who was one of the biggest 'mainstream' developers of that era
  6. Did the patch ever roll out? I have Xbox and never saw the game download the update
  7. Did the patch ever roll out? I have Xbox and never saw the game download the update
  8. 'Oh so you think we should be patient, so you must be just an employee or paid shill' I know you're upset, but that's an elementary-school argument
  9. Amen. We waited when the original release date was pushed from October to 'early 2017' and I don't think waiting for the patch (which is only a few hours a way) is too much to ask for., If anything we should be happy that player interest exceeded the expectations
  10. Thank you for your tireless efforts into getting everything up and running. Most of us know that you are a small 'shoe-string budget' enterprise and lack the 10,000 programmers/coders that larger and more mainstream publishers have on their roster I know that once you work out the kinks, a lot of your doubters will be having to eat a lot of crow
  11. Same here. I was Jason and could not even bash in doors or any of his special powers. I could walk, but that was it
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