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  1. wow wow wow stumbled across this i legit just finished them all. JGTH made no sense but the necronomicon deosnt just raise the bog standard deadites, I’m a massive evil dead fan long before i watched EVERY fuckin jason movie [including part 10 to hell and back]. So much didn’t make sense, let me just say this, they’re awful movies. But the book deosnt just raise deadites I’m just going to watch all the evil dead’s again after I’ve finished writing this, the book can do all sorts dude. Mabye Jason’s not a deadite I mean he’s fuck all like them but that doesn’t mean his mother could use it to raise him, and your wrong motherfucker if you know anything you know that ash didn’t destroy it, and certainly not before 1979 when the first Friday takes place, she would have used it well before then surely? Right so how is it there in JGTH well I think that movie is awful and we are better forgetting about it all together but for the sake of true geeks, the evil dead book cannot be destroyed, so how did it get to back to the voorhees house? Well mabye somebody put it there fuck knows, the movies are awful. So let’s make it make sense. Pamela fucked about with it and knew the clown in the cabin in the evil dead mabye it wasn’t far away?? Who knows right no reason in the shitty Friday the 13th film with all the toxic waste fuckin bullshit and the sequels that get worse and worse culminating in the basically boring as fuck Jason X (chronologically speaking), there’s no reason we can’t have the fuckin book, something made Jason into an indestructible special needs case and it wasn’t Pamela smoking marijuana during pregnancy or some rapist poking him in the eye while she was pregnant with him, no, in this universe of complete inconsistency the necronomicon is valid as fuck, fuck the people that made Friday the 13th part 3 onwards FUCK THEM AND THERE BULLSHIT. I wasted all that time to find out what I knew after the second one, he can’t die! Fuck you if you don’t think the book had a hand in that or mabye watch something else cause after part 3 it’s downhill. Trust me
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