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  1. @Fair Play, who cares if you get killed multiple times by a jason, better than waiting for 1/4 hour; and if jason gets killed, new match anyway. Make getting killed as jason an achievement itself and now its something people trying to do, not quitting. Oops i forgot, only your ideas you thought first matter, whatevs. Moderator smoderators might of helped the game have better updates shelf life if your longtime 150 level had cared about a better game instead of rage quit rage quit salty ego trip rude ass posers acting like your gives a GD. As it is, most of the crowd around this has ruined the experience, same for the forum. so much for suggestions on how to improve gameplay
  2. probably not, I barely jason when multiplayer and leave sessions if people just talking constantly and gots' music going. mute most when some dude repeating STFU or POOP or whatev to some squeaky kids. best one i was had me and 4 counselors all stuck between car at arrow range, I could barely hit these guys cause one was stuck in corner by me and a pillar sticking my ax, and 3 others knocking me out between hacking at whichever counselor. after some traps, knives, and lots of slashing, i guess all they meds spray out and they started to die. then bam host left; i get it being we was only 4 minutes into the game and guess they didn't want to wait up to another 15 minutes to play again. more people would stay if you just kept coming back as another counselor, not just one Tommy. your jason might get 15-20 kills before being killed if any counselor could come back and kill jason, if girls need the sweater and dudes need the mask. but game is what it is, not what it isn't But the usual when i am jason, connection quits or host does. I like when the jason quits, quicker xp. just got to jason 4, had to do lots of bots as they are more reliable on ps4. Perk type level system isnt greatest. lots of sit there and wait with this one to be honest; be nice if xp increased with harder bots or the level of other players adjusted xp up. not sure if this one is worth grinding on with all the waiting. Definitely funnest when being chased by jason all alone, map disappears, can't use inventory, hopping windows until limping bloody mess, can be intense; but waiting after he finally kills you sucks as you just want that scary chase again.
  3. If any counselors that gets killed just came back as another counselor would be a saving grace, like battlefront. Its understandable why anyone including the host, leaves the session if offed early. Then what, wait 15 mins watching others play the game; I dont need to play the game to watch it, i need to play it. Developers dont respect your game time, just want your money. Getting hit in the face is bad enough; reminds me the elevator scene in mass effect, or just original xbox loading times. I get really upset when I see Jason working with a counselor, I am definitely leaving then, and then its more wait time. So frustrating. Movies go like, part 1 girl kills serial killer, 2 girl kills, 3 girl kills, 4 KID kills, 5 kid again, 6 girl, 7 psychic girl uses ghost dad (maybe a guy) , 8 sewer acid (environmental kill?), 9 girl kills, X finally a guy (suicide sacrifice), and FvsJ jason wins, remake girl kills jason. So ya, come back as any counselor, and release this falsehood that Tommy Jarvis is Nancy Thompson.
  4. Keep massaging each others egos on your great accomplishments of putting teams of 3 yr vets destroying a noob. Call it salt or rage or whatever you need to make yourself feel kingly. I find that dating small women with little hands makes my johnson look HUGE.
  5. Diablo 2 (best clicker ever) turned into the same thing. now its free and you can start a level 99 (any level you want) with whatever equip (perks maybe the equivalent in f13) and it is awesome. Take note that removing the money making hacks behind a game turns it back into a game instead of a slimy business.
  6. Umm YES and all the Vanessa's quit once slashed and dead when teaming up. Quitters even after 3 years of practice over someone who started playing a month ago
  7. I called out someone for that, called them queens since they need a royal guard, guess that is hate speech and i got reported. A couple of lame cheaters making false reports because they got caught, and I am the problem; I am pretty sure the point of the game isn't to walk jason into counselors, thats more like a map hack with a 2nd party. Know one cares about anything except they are doing better than you.
  8. Jason gets put down by the end in every movie he is in (except 2 kinda', he comes back last scene, with a grab thru a window BTW), so why is Jarvis the only one. Ladies have Jason's mom's sweater, fine; Guys wear the mask, one less task. It always took a couple people to take him down, but wasn't always a dude, and definitely not always Tommy. In 6 it wasn't even Jarvis who delivered the final blow. Also add a Manhattan level
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