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  1. I've been playing more dead by daylight ever since the last patch i really enjoy it. Which of these 2 games do you think is better? Personally dbd is better cause of how many killers there are survivors maps etc.
  2. When i got to the lobby this guy was bragging about how i didn't get him and he did it himself he said he survived gotta laugh at him
  3. Hey to think about it suicide isnt much of a big deal its the host quitting that aggravates me
  4. What do you guys think about that? My last game i was jason i was going for an 8/8 this one vanessa was the only one remaining i got to him tried to slash him as i got him injured he walked over the trap he put down and killed himself and says "no xp for you jason"
  5. Unlikely, the only way for the game to have new contents is if they add a modding system which is unlikely again not impossible then theres if they sell the game to a new developer again i dont think it will happen but only time will tell
  6. It is very frustrating i guess the good thing is that they are closer to the salt mines
  7. Really!? Are you frigging serious right now? Put on your big boy pants and accept it its part of the game just like being killed BY jason
  8. You cant compare slashing and throwing knives because it isnt tryhard the reason why i think trapping tj power box is tryhard is because it only spawns one character thats it theres nothing else to it other than being killed i am not worried about being killed not even slightly and i dont even bother trapping tj power box because by the time you'll get there 99.9% chance he is called i dont want to waste my traps in one power box
  9. Kill squads can be countered easily tommy jarvis is just another character
  10. Tunneling Trapping tommy jarvis power box Trash talking Rage quitting I can name plenty
  11. You must be one of those players who rage quits when cops are called
  12. Some guy in a lobby was whining about savini jason so thats why i made this post
  13. Slashing and blocking is fair game i do it all the time just ignore the whiners i always laugh at them
  14. I think you are the noob savini jason does not need to be removed but i do think they need to make a part 3 savini just like retro btw i am level 150
  15. For the love of god can people stop whining because they got killed as jason its a survival horror game you either survive as counselor or die as counselor same as jason i see no stigma
  16. Vanessa has nothing to get nerfed tbh she is like your female buggzy except faster and better runner other than that she's got nothing to get nerfed
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