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  1. Honestly theres no point in reporting since they dont ban anyone also the game is somehow considered dead so i dont care if hes using jason x in an online match or other unreleased contents online.
  2. I mostly run marathon, medic, thick skinned, nos and restful on most of my characters
  3. After i got back to friday the 13th after playing dead by daylight i seen a lot of jasons rage quitting due to trolls if you are one of those jasons who do that? Here is something for you: Dont quit out if you are trolled because it is exactly what they want. You are feeding to their trolling. Troll them back, stalk is your friend. Stalk, shift, grab, morph, slash, block use em.
  4. I will most likely have the same name for the next forum
  5. Next project, huh? I wonder what they will do
  6. This would be a good idea for your new youtube video. How to identify teamers.🤔
  7. I dont bother using them since jason will get rage eventually i only run medic,thickskinned,nerves of steel,marathon and restful
  8. We all know the forum will be archived very soon so i'll just say this: If you wanna do matches and stuff, my gamertag is waflingbard5 i play on xbox Oh and i also play dead by daylight on xbox as well so if you wanna game hit me up.
  9. What will happen in the forum?
  10. Spawning near the phone its guarantee jason will get there at some point after a couple minutes into the match
  11. If a host threatens to quit if he dies i will get my single handed choke kill and my machete ready im not giving a salty host a badass kill what he will receive is either a slash kill or the choke kill im always saving those kills for some twat who holds the game hostage
  12. Wait, upcoming patch? Wait, are you telling us that you guys will be working on the game again?
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