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  1. I suppose my wording wasn't the best. What I meant by my post was if it was our goal to kill Jason and it takes 4 hits, why do you need anymore stength than Fox or Adam? Buggzy is useless because without the insane power, Vanessa is superior in every realistic way. Better runner, better luck, better repair, and can wear the sweater. To make it easy, if Jason has a health of 100, Fox deals 25 damage with the machete, 25x4=100. If Buggzy deals 750,000 per hit but it takes 4 hits anyways, what is the real benefit to using Buggzy when there is Vanessa or Adam? After all, once the mask is off, the only benefits of hitting Jason are stunning and stam regen.
  2. While 1 shot demasking Jason is a bit absurd, Buggzy has become useless. He was my favorite counselor due to his strength. Now, Fox is on Par strength wise which makes no since at all. Instead of punishing high strength characters, why not double all Jason hit points? Without that insane power, there is no reason to use Buggzy.
  3. This is an old thread but I have never seen a 1 shot demask on Jason. The best I have done was 2 shots. Buggzy with 25% thrasher and 15% slugger on part 5. However, we have been having difficulty demasking Jason recently. In our recent tests, It was taking Buggzy 4-5 heavy combat stance swings to demask part 8. Fox with no perks did it in 4. Same conditions, same Jason same weapon. This makes no sense?
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