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  1. Resist stun from melee weapons in rage mode - I agree. Long-range weapons can only be used once. There should be an advantage throughout the game if you choose to use it. Firecrackers are the only way to restore stamina if Jason is chasing you. For counselors with a low endurance score, this is practically the only chance to escape from the experienced Jason. Especially for inexperienced players. Rage mode should give Jason an advantage in that the survivors are afraid to engage him in close combat, in order to kill him. If the shotgun has all its properties throughout the game, I don't see why making firecrackers and rocket launcher useless when rage mode comes on
  2. Why didn't the Flare Gun and Fire Crackers stun effect return when Jason is in Rage mode? This is an imbalance and these items are useless in the second half of the game
  3. It doesn't work. I roll perk. It works. I immediately sell this perk. It works. I roll perk again. Error. I don't spamming the button. Do you understand?
  4. Ok. I have 300k+ CP. If roll 1 perk in one-two minutes (to avoid getting an error), how long will it take? A day? This is a serious bug and it needs a fix! This has never happened before. I can't normal roll perks, my CP are just piling up
  5. Rage mod good. But he imbalance. If return stun effect to Flare Gun and Fire Crackers will be very good
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