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  1. just wanna 'bump' this for any new digital switch players with the recent sale going on. so far this little fix has done wonders for many.
  2. @mattshotcha - just going to tag you in case this is something the team wasn't aware of, or caught themselves. This FIX only works for the eShop ( Digital) Version of F13th on Nintendo Switch. For those who own Friday the 13th on the Nintendo Switch , the esHop ( Digital) Version, there is a Fix for getting random counselors almost every game on Quick Play. If your game was downloaded and saved/moved onto your sdCard ... then you might be in luck. Go to System Settings > Data Management > Move Data Between System / microSD Card > Move to System Memory ...... Check to see if you can select Friday the 13th game file from this screen (4.2 GB) , and select the game so is fills in the circle with a 'checkmark' to confirm it's selected, then select 'Move Date' on the same page, just a little to the right. It'll take roughly 10 minutes or so, but once it's done, load up Quick Play and look for these fixes if you experienced them before ... 1. You should now get to view every intro cinema to each match (rather than be forced to look at a frozen frame of the game until the game starts) 2. Be the counselor you actually selected 3. Actually get Jason more than once every 10-12 hours ( like me and many of my friends had to endure) 4. No longer get a "glitched" Jason when you actually get Jason. There may be more things this File transfer fixes, but we just haven't noticed. All I can say is I've HATED this game for several months, but still played, cause of the random counselor and NEVER getting Jason. The last 2 days since I've done this it has been the most enjoyable time I've had with the game since roughly a year ago shortly after the game's release. Hope this simple fix works for others, again, this does NOT work on the physical version ... just the digital (eShop) version. Thanx Shoutouts to Shogun and jay-ray on the main F13 Discord for first making others aware of this.
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