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  1. Never mind, I tested it with a bot offline. It does slow climb damage: my bad.
  2. If a counselor is in the middle of climbing through a window, breaking it with a throwing knife will deal an amount of damage identical to a direct hit.
  3. Fairly often, as Jason, I'll be unable to swing after blocking an attack. I can still block again or exit combat stance but swinging won't work unless I exit the stance or take a hit. I was going to hit up JasonKillsBugs first, but I wanted to see if I was the only one having this issue.
  4. At least they're not gonna reintroduce the Tommy voice lines in which he says that he needs to escape asap, effectively discouraging people from killing Jason/helping counselors.
  5. Never had any particularly satisfying kills. I moreso remember the times I myself got killed. Every now and then I'll intentionally neglect trapping the ol' bachelor pad so that I can have a climactic fight with Tommy.
  6. While I'm glad Tommy's lines have been thrown back in, I'm outright pissed that the update isn't dropping on Friday the 13th. I mean, come on: the stars aligned for a moment like this and it's going to be squandered!
  7. Unfortunately I was only able to dig out the voice files and music. I have KM-14's voice lines, though.
  8. Either way, I hope someone finds a workaround. I've been wanting to put Banjo Travelin' on the virtual waves since the day I started playing.
  9. @mattshotcha Am I allowed to put up a download link with all of the voices, or is that an issue? I was gonna post a few more comparisons, but the site's being stingy with file sizes.
  10. I figured it was better to ask now before the forum was archived; what exactly was the deal with the Japanese voices? I thought it was for an actual dub, but no other languages seemed to have received such a treatment and the very few times I've seen Japanese gameplay, the English voices were used in-game. My best guess is that a proper dub was planned and scrapped pretty late in development, as every character currently in the game has been dubbed. Here's a comparison of a line from Kenny and Jenny in both languages. Edit: I forgot to mention that even the single player cutscenes have dubs as well. As well as the scrapped emote voice lines. Kenny EN & JP.mp3 Jenny EN& JP.mp3
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