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  1. First one is it with the new gloves that I had made, which are skin tight and cover top and bottom of hand. The second picture is to show the under mask and had the old glove which just covered the top of my hand and were black cloth underneath. I also have a real chain in the 1st picture where as the second one I had on the chain that was made with the suit.
  2. My gamer tag on all three systems is the same as my tag on this forum.
  3. Hi everyone, I am a long term player of this game. I have it for Xbox, PS4 and PC. I know I just kinda popped up and starting asking questions. One which I know on other forums is a sensitive topic lol. I just want to say for this short lived period I am a major Fan of F13. I even own a custom part 7 costume that I rock every Halloween 🎃. Sad to see the servers shut down.... 😔
  4. Well that kinda stinks, I hope someone finds a way around that to add more content or unlock content that is in the programming but was never unlocked. I don't see why it should be such an issue now that it is in theory becoming mostly a one player or localized multi-player game.
  5. My next question is has there been any word on mods so people can change in game mechanics or skins on their own. Adding Jason X would be cool or even better yet adding Freddy, Michael Mires or Leather Face.
  6. Since the servers are closing down I think it is time to release the exclusive Savini Jason skin so everybody can enjoy it in their own private game plays. This would also give the company it's last great money maker and show all the fans how much their loyalty has been appreciated. It is only fair to allow all to enjoy this exclusive Jason.
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