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  1. Kido , You don't seem to understand the message I wrote, so I'm going to enlighten you since it's the role of adults to help the kidos, what I meant is that no one has requested a rage mode buff. Maybe it's okay with you that an inexperienced jason player can clean a game up because he can't be stunned after 10 minutes. You may even agree that playing jason at the present time is anything but difficult, but that doesn't suit me. Players keep complaining about the rage mode and its boost but the developer doesn't give a damn and keep boosting it. Oh and for the record you are the clown ,dumyšŸ¤” I also like ally shooting with its advantages and disadvantages
  2. I think more that it's the end of the dedicated servers that will bury the game than the return of allied shooting as an option and not imposed on all public matches. The end of this good game was started during the unfortunate lawsuitšŸ˜„
  3. @mattshotcha Is there any chance that friendly fire will return as an option in the game? Let the game host turn it on or off before the game starts? Also why not wait until Friday the 13th for the final update? It would have been grandiose!
  4. The eye for eye mentality is already very present in the game, when you humiliate teamers in the previous game for 20 minutes, what do they do in the next game ? They'll stalk you the whole game forgetting to actually play the game. And then they will attack the poor innocent people who have nothing to do with their stupidity and these innocent people will not even be able to retaliate without allied fire. They must be put back as an option The morons of teamers already kill us for no reason, there we would just have a way to defend ourselves
  5. Yes with allied fire they can hurt me, hurt us, but we can hurt them in return. Currently we can only leave or try to run them over if we are lucky enough to have the keys and that's it. We can't really hurt them without friendly fire
  6. The problem is that we can't really do much directly to the teamers in the current state of the game. The solutions proposed here are: leaving the game, going into hiding in a private match, trying to kill jason if the opportunity presents itself With friendly fire they can still ruin our games, but we can prevent them from ruining our games and those of others, we can fight back. Most of us see friendly fire as a plague, but I'm sure. that they can be put to good use, it is no coincidence that it was present at the beginning That's why they should put it back as an option, at least give it a try to see how the remaining community on the game will use it or not use it. We can't really know at the moment how it will actually be used
  7. I like your suggestion about living jasons and undead jasons, not being able to stun undead jasons when they go into rage mode I see it as a balancing to the fact that they can't run and put more pressure on monitors who have very high endurance like for example vanessa etc ... this will be a very interesting addition in my opinion, but I think if the developers decide to do something about being able to stun jason in rage mode they will apply it to all the jasons
  8. The teamers are worse , we can deal with people who try to kill counselors at the spawn point, their hits can be taken with perks like thick skinned ,medic+hypochondriac I don't think ally shooting in most cases will always benefit people who team up with Jason, you said above that they're not good at the game so if they meet some really good players I think. that the ally fire will not be of much help to them and even less jason. I also come back to the ones you said below in your comment, so what is the biggest problem that the teamers who prevent us from playing correctly?To be able to kill them early in the game to prevent them screwing up everyone's game
  9. so for you, the only way to deal with the people who team up with jason is to go into a private match or leave the game? Or do you think it's by letting them rot the game that they're going to change? I think that on the contrary this practice will become over time more and more popular, and this thanks to people who categorically refuse to let go the only way(as a option) to respond directly to these morons
  10. Why leave when we could have cleaned up the lobby of these teamers if we had the possibility of having recourse to ally shooting. At the moment the teamers can spoil our games without any consequences and they are the ones that I find the most frustrating, you play and get spoiled by people who will have nothing no matter what. My list of people blocked on xbox keeps increasing game after game, the teamers are more present than we think but sometimes when we listen to some people it is more myth than reality. On reddit a few months ago I had read a lot of posts from people who have faced teamers, and most of these people regret not being able to use allied fire under these conditions and I understand them. there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to stand up to them Like I said a bit more I don't want friendly fire to be imposed in all public games, I just want it reintroduced there as an option, and let the party host activate it or deactivate it before the start of a public game
  11. I think you dont see where i am getting at, why you boil down to just saying no to ally shooting and going to enjoy it in a private match. My post is about public matches and the teamers that poison them and not private. I tell you that the said developers of the game should put it back as an OPTION and not imposed them in all the public parts, but you prefer to just say go private ect. I don't pay for a console and a subscription to just go and lock myself in private, the public is why I play the game to meet people and have a good time
  12. humiliate jason for 20 minutes i agree with his, but for those who is to kill him when he is around teaming it becomes a little more complicated or even impossible, since in 99.9% of cases they will ask his friends to take pamela's sweatshirt and use it from the start of the game to be sure not to be killed. Yes the teamers suck but when they are in a group they make the game difficult or even unplayable for people who want to play it clean .
  13. For me and some other people ally fire has to come back, but again it depends on the point of view i will see it coming back as an option before the start of a game ,the host of the game could choose from activate or deactivate it. But I come back to what you say but most of the time it's very difficult to kill the teamers because they have the keys and the fuse, so it becomes impossible to run over them.
  14. I don't think that running away in private to avoid the people who team up with jason and ruin the experience of public matches in the process is the solution to this problem.
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