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  1. When I try open new perk's, after a few perk its start saying Saving Data Profile warning... and its not going from my monitor until I'm shut the game
  2. Thanks for your support to me. Like I said, if they contact with me, i can translate every word of the game. It might little time but i can. There are lots of Turkish gamers playing this game, cannot be ignored.
  3. First of all, hello to every guys. as you know there are lots of gamers playing this game. Half of these gamers from Turkey. We are still playing this game on streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube. We are just want to bring Turkish language support. If you don't have any powers to do that, i can help about this topic. I was doing some localization projects on my past. I've tried to find game's language files for to do unofficial language support, but i didn't make it. I just want from all of you to help me.
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