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  1. I love part 3. I love that you can making him purple like the one in the NES one.
  2. I love what you all have done with this property. This game was and still amazing and awesome. Yes, people point out flaws and things that could be better. (insert scared face image) But that is what made these movies awesome. I love the campy feelings and, fear these movies have. You have put in so much work in this and passion its crazy. You have captured every Friday movie. I would love to see what you guys come up with next. My suggestion would be to branch out to other beloved horror icons. You would be amazing if you did a Childs play game and also Halloween. I know licensing is an issue but, you guys are the only ones I would pre order for or back for those games. I did not know bout the backing until it was released or I would have. I know I know its a pipe dream but, one can hold out hope. Thank you guys for making one of the best games with one of the best movies I grew up with. You guys are great and cant wait to see the next project. Now what do all of the fans think of my suggestion.
  3. Hello My gamer tag for ps4 is Xxhotxwheelsx. I love this game and I am willing to play with anyone.
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