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  1. I feel like that's so extra lol. I feel like the buff should occur the instant Jason kills the rest of the counselors. Also the music could become much more action packed I.E. The last 5 minutes song that was in the beta.
  2. Lmfao^^ I'm not ASKING anything, I'm saying Part 7 DLC should happen.
  3. ^Don't agree with most things proposed. Most of the changes are unneeded and change the entire balance of the game. Counselors don't need unarmed punches, Losing map bc of fear is ridonculous, speed and stamina need to be left unchanged. I mainly agree combat needs a buff, and luck needs a buff.
  4. The game is designed to be competitive. If a Jason player gets humiliated they deserve it for being trash at Jason.
  5. First off 1. There needs to be a fear meter above the stamina meter. This bs about "Lol you can see fear in your counselors animations" isn't cutting it. I need to always know when my fear is going UP and Down. 2. I think having full fear meter should cause you a chance to stumble(falling onto your hands for a second) just like in horror movies. Also running into brush shoupd give you a chance to trip/stumble. 3. Full fear should be a big disadvantage yes, but it shouldn't be a "death sentence". 4. Counselors with high courage are more resistant to fear and its disadvantages
  6. HANDICAP: For when there are less counselors than needed. This is always active in quick match/ranked and is toggle-able in private matches. 6-7 Counselors: All Objectives need to be completed. 5 Counselors: Tommy doesn't need to be called. 2-4 Counselors: Tommy doesn't need to be called and the cars already have batteries.
  7. Pretty sure they're going to increase the timer and make it harder to repair the phone.(This isn't confirmed but there's veen discussions of this AND Ben stated they ARE going to make changes to the phone.) Whether those are good or bad doesn't matter though. Because a tree log to block a car is unneeded and would be extremely difficult if not impossible for the counselors to deal with.
  8. I'd nerf shift so that he can't teleport directly next to a counselor. Buff his attacks in some way that doesn't make them OP but a desirable option for hunting counselors over just grabbing. Maybe adding special killing animations when dealing the final attack blow to kill a counselor. I'd make it easier for a HEALTHY counselor to escape from a grab but EASIER to get a environmental kill if you grab an INJURED counselor.
  9. This would be even worse since they're most likely nerfing the cops too. ImO If a tree log was added AND cops were nerfed then most people will end up just quitting games/resetting que to play as Jason
  10. I think a Jason Queue would be a horrible idea lol. You'd be sittin' in que with the 1million other Jason players while theres only 12 counselors in the survivor que. Thought I do like the idea that the longer you play in a lobby the higher your chance is to play Jason. There should also be an option to only play as counselors/back out of playing Jason.
  11. I imagine the game will do what DbD does. *Maps are added to the game for free alongside their respective DLCs. I.E. A Part 7/8 DLCs will release Sheperd's Home/The Yacht so everyone can play on it but we will have to buy the DLC Bundle to obtain the new Jasons/Heroes/Counselors/Clothing/Perks/Etc that comes with the DLC.
  12. Those nerf ideas are garbage and would make playing counselor a nightmare.(And not in the atmospheric sense). 50% Stamina for 1 hit? I get people want this to be like the movies and that counselors are human but for balance sake that would be ridiculous. Even if First Aid Sprays were buffed. Especially since those are very limited and not guaranteed to be found. ImO Jason's OP Shift Grab shouldn't be complemented by an OP Shift Attack. The Devs want Jason to have an edge yes but they don't want it to be a "Jason auto-wins simulator" because then no one will be playing after a month.
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