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  1. Again how am I sore loser when I ve never even lost to the dude
  2. You "allow" escapes is the the latest excuse I ve heard and if you have to allow escapes that still means you re fucking trash trust me buddy you re nothing special
  3. I hear that excuse from a squeaker teamer. When you re jason noone gets special treatment if you re buddy is in a car you stop him and kill his ass and if you re buddy is just driving around obviously he's keeping his teammates from escaping as well thats a total bullshit excuse and a kill squad kill duo whatever you want to call it doesn't matter
  4. Look either man up and face them or just quit and don't waste anyone's time you still lose as jason if you allow them to live anyways. Show some dignity at least
  5. Yes letting your buddy drive around while you chase others and there not even working on anything is teaming and Jason shouldn't just let them kill him but cmon be a man or just quit if you re gonna play like that
  6. And also trumpwon has never kicked my ass the one and only time I faced him my buddy and me survived the night on him
  7. Shifting away from the kill isn't toxic but trumpwon once said there's no shame in dying so why not follow his own advice and take a kill squad on instead of just staying away the whole match
  8. It was obvious teaming he let his buddy drive all around pack small while he chased the others
  9. @HaHaTrumpWon i ve been dying to call you out for your bullshit. You team you knifed cars back when you could and you re a massive hypocrite you once said there's no shame in dying as Jason but when they try to kill you you keep shifting away like a pussy you even posted the video where you did it. You re just another teaming loser who denies it like every other teamer I ve come across I really only came on here to call out someone else but since I was on here decided to call you out. I remember watching you team on someone's stream and should ve called u out then but twitch deleted people's streams after a few weeks
  10. And of course he wouldn't post videos of him teaming
  11. The proof i had was on someone's stream which has been deleted and last time I went against him he kept running from us when we knocked his mask off
  12. I m not I watched u team live on stream
  13. Noticed my post stayed on till what's his name saw it hahaha I said what I said and its the truth if I get banned here I don't care I only made it to call out two teamers on here
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