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  1. So just finished a Jason/Roy match on Jarvis and I had killed everyone and was looking for the remaining fox.  I found her in the Jarvis lodge hiding in the corner and when I looked at her she was wearing the sweater.  She popped the sweater before i could grab her at first but she was stuck so i killed her right after. Thing is i never was notified she entered my shack and yes my mask was on so she didn't have the mask on her. Has this happened to anyone else?

  2. 5 hours ago, I'm Not a Goalie said:

    So every noob has to pay because one guy cheated? Holy overreaction Batman! Take it out on the guys actually cheating, not everybody else. I've dealt with noob teamers before, they're total clown shows. Easy to fuck with... Fun too. If they actually semi look like they know what they're doing, then they're not really Noobs. You gotta pay attention to the way they react and play, not necessarily what level they are. Level's don't mean jack anymore. 

    Even if Jason isn't cheating I don't feel bad killing them.  Killing Jason is a legit way to win the game.  

  3. If you had to choose seven counselors to go against a really good Jason, and the goal is to get as many to escape as possible.  No Tommy Jarvis so killing Jason is out of the question.  Also deal is no duplicate counselors. Meaning no 3 Vanessas, No 2 Chads etc.  I think my team would be this.

    1  Vanessa.  Obvious first choice, keep Jason busy on you, or deliver items to there objectives.

    2. Fox.  To tank Jasons traps and repair 

    3. Adam. Basically Foxes male version. Same role as Fox, tank traps and repair.

    4. Chad.  Keep Jason off your repair characters so they can get stuff fixed, also restart the car if needed.

    5. Jenny.  Kinda same reason for Chad.  She would be designated driver as she starts the car pretty quick and she wont lose her mini map as quick.

    6.  MItch.  Another repair character to get things done.

    7.  Tiffany.  Be a delivery person like Vanessa.  


    I think that d be a pretty decent squad.  Who would be your squad?

  4. I ve seen some people call out people for rage quitting after they were killed. How is that rage quitting?  They are dead, so they want to get on to another match.  Especially if you re a 150 and dont need the points. Maybe some people dont have a lot of time on their hands and just want to get as much matches they can before they have to quit.  Rage quitting is quitting before you let Jason kill you/or you know there going to escape you as Jason or kill you as Jason.



  5. I used to use swift attack alot but I switched to medic and I ve gone back the key to getting a hit on Jason is you want him to grab or slash first that ll give you enough time to run up and get a hit in course not every Jason is gonna just grab and some will try to block so try to figure out what his pattern is

  6. 10 hours ago, HaHaTrumpWon said:

    So I just finished a game where I was Tommy and our groups dedicated Sweater Girl died after Jason grabbed her and my swing went right through him even though it was clearly close enough to make contact. No one was lagging, and I was literally right behind him (in the open, not in a cabin). Is this new, or has it been around and I just never noticed?

    Had this happen a few times 

  7. 3 hours ago, I'm Not a Goalie said:

    Eh, I don't totally agree with that. 90% of the teamers I come across don't care if it's obvious they're teaming and they don't give two shits if you call them out for it. There are a few who try to make it look good... But most aren't going to bother lying or denying it, so I'm more apt to give them the benefit of the doubt. Let's face it, false accusations of teaming are almost as rampant as teaming itself. Or maybe I'm just sympathetic for all the times I've been falsely accused of Teaming. The vast majority of those accusations ironically coming when I'm playing solo, so how am I teaming when I'm by myself? Some of the accusations I understand, some are just salty losers who want a convenient excuse for why they lost, and some are so ridiculous and hilarious they'll be etched into my memory forever. I pity anyone who hasn't experienced the joy of a salty 150 Jason you just killed sending you angry messages accusing you and your friends of teaming on him... While he was Jason. Well, in that one case at least I guess he was right. 🤣

    Man you re lucky most of the teamers I call out deny it even though I spectator them literally walking next to each other 

  8. I like alot tend to have bad habit of calling out teamers and sometimes they write back and sometimes they don't.  I either get two responses, either someting like "I dont care its just a game cry about it"  or most often i get the "i wasnt teaming" then they lie and lie claiming they werent teaming and you re just salty.  I at least have some respect for those who say i dont care cry about it cause at least there being honest. Those that deny teaming despite you having video evidence, and the teaming being so obvious as well is just pathetic.  Its like bro i ve been playing the game for 3 years, i know teaming when I see it. Your buddy opening a locked door for you and then you ignoring that counselor is pretty obvious, you can deny it all you want that is teaming. smh

  9. 34 minutes ago, HaHaTrumpWon said:

    Rage-quitting is for PUSSIES. Nobody in my little Jason-killing group remembers the Jason's who hang around after getting killed, or even the ones who play keep-away and constantly Morph away if we get close. The only ones we remember are those who are either blatantly teaming, or rage-quit. No matter how bad you're getting your ass kicked, DON'T QUIT. Stick it out and learn from your mistakes.

    Oh I remember the ones that keep morphing away cause they always brag you didn't kill them its like really bro

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