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  1. I say no, i swear the number of jasons that get you in the boat never would get you if it wasn t for the sound.
  2. also i said before twitch doesn't save your streams, they get deleted after a while. unless he highlighted it which he didnt care enough to do
  3. streamer didnt think to save it dumbass. he didn't know you, but me and the other person did. like i said i wish i would have saved it but didn't think of it at the time.
  4. Yes cause the music is so low its like having stalk all the time
  5. Dude trust me.i have they all main retro part 3.and choke everyone
  6. Oh yea that's right saw it on someone yt but I never pay attention to it myself
  7. Ok last post for a while I swear lols 1. Should Jason know if Tommy got called? Like the light on the tower turns blue. He would then know he didn't get the power in time and save him a trap. But again counselors could use that as advantage and make him think they really want to fix it so not sure about that one 2. Should you be able to move radios? Its obvious they work on batteries cause they still work when Jason knocks out the power. It d be funny to move the radio by his shack turn it on and run like hell. Make Jason think there at his shack 😂 when noone is
  8. All jasons have weaknesses that could cost them like lack of traps can't run.bad shiftnetc but I don't think partn3 has any weaknesses that do having bad sense bad stalk and stun resistance really don't hamper him like other jasons weaknesses do
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