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  1. I used to use swift attack alot but I switched to medic and I ve gone back the key to getting a hit on Jason is you want him to grab or slash first that ll give you enough time to run up and get a hit in course not every Jason is gonna just grab and some will try to block so try to figure out what his pattern is
  2. Mine would probably be on Higgens Haven when you spawn near the bridge across from the barn. Its like you have to either run to stillwater which could already have someone there or run to the barn/lodge. Such an annoying spawn. I also hate spawning at the bottom left on pinehurst but at least you re at a cabin right away
  3. Curious as to what people think. What is harder to do against a good Jason. Escaping him(by anything car, boat, cops stn) or killing him. And lets say you for this question you re in a group. of at least 2 including yourself.
  4. Man you re lucky most of the teamers I call out deny it even though I spectator them literally walking next to each other
  5. That if you re a low stealth character you make bubbles while in the outhouses? If this was mentioned before I apologize
  6. I like alot tend to have bad habit of calling out teamers and sometimes they write back and sometimes they don't. I either get two responses, either someting like "I dont care its just a game cry about it" or most often i get the "i wasnt teaming" then they lie and lie claiming they werent teaming and you re just salty. I at least have some respect for those who say i dont care cry about it cause at least there being honest. Those that deny teaming despite you having video evidence, and the teaming being so obvious as well is just pathetic. Its like bro i ve been playing the game for 3 years, i know teaming when I see it. Your buddy opening a locked door for you and then you ignoring that counselor is pretty obvious, you can deny it all you want that is teaming. smh
  7. Oh I remember the ones that keep morphing away cause they always brag you didn't kill them its like really bro
  8. lol part 6 sucks if you re going against a lobby actually pusing objectives. you don't realize how important morp his when you re using a jason whos morph sucks
  9. It is so frustrating when you know you would ve killed a Jason or at least got objectives done if you got Tommy and not some low level player. I get it new players will never learn how to play as Tommy if they never get him but sometimes I wish the game would favor the higher level player or made you least get a certain level before you could become Tommy.
  10. Took a trap for the fuse(normally i wouldnt be limping cause i run thick skin but i accidentally jumped through a window) and I couldn't spray myself which meant i was easy prey for Jason. Anyone else run into this?
  11. Well I ve always thought you should be able to but what I mean is if someone takes ur trap u can t put another one down what I'm saying is if you have an extra trap to use you should be able to put it down on a taken trap
  12. Before I start im not saying Jason should be able to stack traps like he could in the past. What I am saying is he should be able to retrap traps that counselors have taken. Its frustrating being a part 2 and having traps as one of the reasons you would use traps but then can't retrap the fuse just cause a counselor took it. Imagine having 6 or 5 more traps yet there useless against the fuse. You now pretty much have to babysit it like you didn't have any traps at all. One of the few reasons cops get called on me Lame
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