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  1. Took a trap for the fuse(normally i wouldnt be limping cause i run thick skin but i accidentally jumped through a window) and I couldn't spray myself which meant i was easy prey for Jason. Anyone else run into this?
  2. Well I ve always thought you should be able to but what I mean is if someone takes ur trap u can t put another one down what I'm saying is if you have an extra trap to use you should be able to put it down on a taken trap
  3. Before I start im not saying Jason should be able to stack traps like he could in the past. What I am saying is he should be able to retrap traps that counselors have taken. Its frustrating being a part 2 and having traps as one of the reasons you would use traps but then can't retrap the fuse just cause a counselor took it. Imagine having 6 or 5 more traps yet there useless against the fuse. You now pretty much have to babysit it like you didn't have any traps at all. One of the few reasons cops get called on me Lame
  4. Lol I ve killed try hard sweaty tourney Jason's I even would ve killed u but u kept running away lmao
  5. Coming from someone who tends to go for Jasons depending on who I m playing with I just can t think of a match where Jason trapping his shack stopped us.
  6. ok, maybe i can t say its never stopped us, but if it did its in the low range of success
  7. body blocked? your ass is gonna be on teh ground from my shotgun did u even read what i said. Trapping the shack has NEVER stopped me from killing Jason, even when Jason knew we were going for the kill
  8. Wasn't complaining I was asking everyone opinion
  9. Lol if I'm going for thr kill and I have thr mask off yes your trap is pointless if Jason morphs there hes gonna get layed down by my shotgun while sg grabs the sweater by the time Jason stands up Tommy will have the ax in.hand and Jason's dead :[]
  10. What is everyones opinion on sweater girl using firecrackers/spraying herself to get out of the sweater and hit jason with a bat to bring Jasons to his knees if Tommy has a machete? I don t do it myself(unless its a teaming Jason then screw him). What do you all think? Is it legit or a glitch?
  11. Same here I had a high level roy trapping all the power boxes I told my friend what a waste seeing Tommy was called anyways he rage quit when we took the mask off
  12. If it actually stops a kill that kill squad are not good and they wouldn't kill you anyways. They do not work against legit kill squads.
  13. My favorite Jason kill was against a teaming part 8 (150 Jason) on Packanack. I was Vanessa, my buddy was Victoria. Funny thing was the Jason killed me once when I was Jason, he was the sweater girl. Tommy tower was in Woodbury and Jason hits the power box for it and traps it. I run over take the trap, he comes back and chases me away. He traps it again only afor me to to take that one. He kills me before I can fix it. As Jason is out chasing others, I notice he is ignoring a Fox and check his profile. Sure enough they are buds. My friend as Victoria goes and fixes the power box, calls tommy and hides in a closet waiting for me to appear. I tell my friend that I m thinking hes teaming. Sure enough Jason knows hes in a closet and he has to run out. The shack was left of the lodge, up the hill. We have to make it from Woodbury to there. I come ove and shoot him and give us some time. He chases me and i lead him to the lodge where i shoot him again with another shot gun. He gets rage sometime during all this. I run out of the lodge and meet up with my friend just behind the lodge. We take his mask off now we have no way to stun him and we still are outside the lodge needing to get to the shack. His buddy who now has the car comes and makes a sad attempt to run us over. He chases all the shack grabbing, slashing with us not able to stun him. We make it to the shack and we are like, we might actually pull this off. My friend grabs the sweater, pops it and I take him to his knees ramming the axe in his face. Oh and also for those that remember this happened during the glitch jason time, when jason regained his shift immediatly(well part 3 5 7 and 8 jasons anyways if there were more jason that did i forget) So the whole time he chased us from woodbury to the left where the shack was he had unlimited shift as well.
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