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  1. @mattshotcha so ive been dealing with a prob for awhile where no one joins my lobbies when i host its not my wifi any fix and my wifi speed is good 100mg download
  2. this has been confirmed for a long time just google it
  3. yes its backwards compatible for ps5 and xbox series x
  4. hi would this patch fix many of the spray cancels and or morphing with a counselor
  5. will the bug where your pocket knife dissapers when you throw fire crackers be patched?
  6. i hope so too my wifi is slow because i live in the country so i was hopeing you could earn cp xp and use the same jason could you also add priv match setting to turn on jason has 2x stuff thanks in offline bots
  7. hi will the patch get rid of the rock bug or the slideing glitch or static spam/abduct its super annoying and the pocket knife glitch is the most annoying please patch that
  8. do you need a new controller stick drift or your buttons getting stuck can resolt in that it haponds sometimes on ps4 to
  9. the bat swaping with a flare gun is the new unlimited stamina glitch
  10. it should for part 2, 4 boat should make noise for theses jason because of crappy water speed
  11. use savini if you have him or part 3 dont use part 2 slow shift mask comes off easier you better trap stuff good he has a slow shift and bad water speed so your screwed. part 6 has crappy morph mask comes off easier. part 9 is good for putting pressure on counsolors
  12. one of my fav things to do is shift from long distance as savini since he has plus shift activate stak right when im about to shift grab them
  13. no it not patched nothing really has been patched due to the hackers my mods still allow me to take cp level one and glitch there steam account so no its not patched.
  14. I also just started playing again since the lawsuit thanks god its not dead on ps4
  15. so me and this kid were friends he had a big youtube channel so did i so we teamed up thing went good until i could not help do a glitch because i was buesy and he got pissed and reported me i really dident say anything bad i could his an ass and i got a 1 month ban and ive had this account since i was 14 6 years ago and since covid i got my first warning for doing glitches i desived that the 3d was anther kid talking crap and he kept adding me to group chats i lost my shit and got in fight 7d same thing this has happen to me before ive called kids little fuckers on psn message the reported me nothing happond but all the sudden they finally just start using the ban hammer on me how do i avoid this i think my next one is 1 year ban, and is sony leaveing the reports up to the bots so then they attmackly ban you because sony short on staff please help i have savini im 150 and have over 10,000 in that account and years of gameplay please help.
  16. when will jason x or any content be relsied and when the lawsuit be over and when will the next patch for ps4 be
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