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  1. I can sense the passion you got for part 8 in your response haha, thank you. I think you helped give me a new insight on Part 8 with that alone. Any words for Part 7 by any chance?
  2. @Laotian Lam Thank you, this is precisely what I meant. @Somethin Cool I will look around but being new on this forum, I can't seem to find simple things like a search bar lol. I can play every Jason fairly well, to elaborate I am having difficulties dissecting the best way to play Jason part 7 and 8 in a unique manner. Allow me to explain. Part 2 has increased morph and traps, therefore I would say he is a territorial and defensive Jason, complete with ironic defense weakness stat. He it the man who shuts down objectives. Part 4 is the Demolition Jason, highly aggressive who breaks down cabins quickly and is always on the offensive play. I would count him as the early game Jason, since his strengths are all present from the start of the match. However, part 7 and 8 Jason confuse me on how their playstyle would be unique. Part 7 has Weapon Strength plus Sense and has weak Stun Resistance and Less Traps. But I can't see him as the Jack of All Trades Jason, that title fits best with Part 3 who can do everything fairly average with no specific weakness to hinder him. So Part 7 to me is a weaker part 3. Part 8 used to be the Demolition expert just because of his Destruction strength, but Part 4 can do that plus run and Weapon Strength. While Part 8 has better Stalk which is nice, I can't see him as the Stalker/patient type like Part 9 because why be patient and wait for your prey when you have Destruction to force them out of their cabins? It's not that I've trouble playing as them, I'm average as Jason overall. It's that I have trouble thinking of unique ways or formats to play as those two. As in what makes them unique and different compared to the rest?
  3. So I've been meaning to write up a guide dissecting each Jason, their strengths and weakness and how best to play each one. I'm having difficulties with Jason part 7 and Jason part 8. Any help with them would be appreciated. And since you're already here, why not drop a quick comment how you feel about each Jason, or just your favorite one and what he excels at for you? All comments are appreciated, thank you for hearing me out.
  4. I believe it's just not as fun to play with the Rage buff. Cannot be stunned while in Rage by melee attacks unless the attack causes your mask to be removed. As a Counselor, you are limited to running, hiding, and utilizing bear traps to stun a Rage Jason. This serves as a nerf to high strength Counselors, their use is absent once Jason enters Rage. As Jason, Rage feels like playing with cheats on. Breaking through doors and walls is fine, but being able to tank hits sort of takes away from the fun for me. This is all subjective of course and I wouldn't be surprised if some people prefer the game the way it currently is, just wanted to share my opinion out there. Don't know if it would receive any updates in the future but fingers crossed. Thanks for hearing me out.
  5. It's odd because I recall when Jason part 9 first got his own theme that the stun resistance was incredibly effective at the time, he was one of my favorites just because of that. Rather than 5 seconds I would only be stunned for 3, the exception being with the shotgun. Now here I am after a two year absence coming back and feeling like they removed his stun resistance suddenly haha
  6. Speaking about Jason Part 9 to be exact, it feels as if there is no difference when he gets stunned compared to other Jason's. His Stun Resistance should decrease the chance and duration of being stunned, but it seems to last 5 seconds like the others. Is it not working? Can someone give me a detailed explanation of how it works and how to use it to your advantage?
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