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  1. That would be alice. So far shes the only one to return in a sequel
  2. The gals death in the frozen nitrogen in jason x was pretty badass too. Definitely the top 5 deaths for me. One of the hottest girls to die too. Jason x had some sexy women in spandex. Rowan was one id vote her at least 3rd overall
  3. Great tits and body. Beautiful face til surgery. She wasted that money for sure
  4. Tina in number 7 by far beat the hell out of jason with her telekinesis skills alone. Kane hodder didnt have a chance in hell im that movie
  5. Megan had the best body followed closely by chris bit megan had the better wheels for sure. Another interesting poll would be best deaths in all movies and hottest girl that DIDNT live. Id vote for the blonde in the 2009 remake who shows her tits under the dock when jason machetes her in the head...great death too
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