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  1. As you can see from here, my ping is higher than the other players on a US server. And my ping issue is being downplayed, but Jason is literally unplayable cause grabs and throwing knives have about a second delay.
  2. I stopped with the emails cause they asked me questions that I had already answered and sent them proof of. And I have noticed most other people in the lobby have significantly lower ping than myself.
  3. I probably should have mentioned, and the main reason I posted here, is this is not the issue. I use a wired connection and get consistently good ping in other games, and I will attach a screenshot. When asking JasonKillsBugs for help, (That's how desperate I was) they admitted to not having west coast servers and gave the most basic internet troubleshooting tips imaginable. At this point I've given up and been just playing bots, but I would love to be proven wrong someday.
  4. Hi there, I play on PC, I use a wired connection and I never get anything below 100 ping. I've left several lobbies and googled a solution to no avail. Hope someone here, maybe even a dev can be of some help. Thanks in advance.
  5. Getting ready for spooky season by playing this again on PC. Especially want to unlock weapon swapping and open to make friends.
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