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  1. It depends Best Jason corresponding to movies I'd say: Part 2: packanack (obviously) Part 3: higgins (obviously) Part 4: jarvis (obviously) Part 5: Pinehurst (obviously) Part 6: packanack small (In the movie the camp had cabins very close to each other so I think it fits) Part 7: crystal lake (obviously) Part 8: crystal lake small (he was only there a short time before taking the boat so it makes sense why he gets the smaller one considering 7 took place there the entire time) Part 9: higgins small (it looked like a farm area where he got blown up at the beginning so it makes sense) Practicality wise: Packanack: part 8 (it's big yes but he's got neutral shift and destruction which to me makes him perfect considering so many cabins are close to each other, meaning you can break them open faster for added pressure, also water speed means if someone gets on the boat they won't be getting far) Packanack small: part 4 (pretty much the same except it's smaller so the bad shift isn't so bad, yes he only got 3 traps but with part 4 and it being packanack you should be able to go straight in and start killing before they get too far with objectives, destruction for same as above, and weapon strength helps due to the fact since it's smaller counselors will be more likely to be bunched together so it comes in handy when grabbing isn't an option, also added pressure because he can run) Higgins haven: part 6(good sense means he can pretty much see across the entire map, his shift makes getting around extremely easy, neutral traps for the fact the cars are farther apart, knives for pressure, he's pretty solid on higgins) Higgins haven small: part 5 (it's smaller so his neutral shift is still ok, can run so more pressure, still has neutral traps and knives, he's basically a more aggressive part 6 versus being tactical) Crystal lake: part 2 (for me this map is where objectives are pushed the most, don't know why maybe it's because the cars are literally right down the road from rachet so two groups can be fixing them at the same time meaning you have to let one get repaired, having the extra traps shuts this down and gives you more time to kill before they can escape, the shift sucks yes but since there's a lot of trees and cabins are far apart from each other the counselors don't get much time to rest, and the morph is fantastic as well, boats are an issue because of water speed but a good timing with morph along with stalk can remedy this) Crystal lake small: part 3: it's smaller so you have a little more control over the objectives so neutral traps work fine, it's small so decreased sense doesn't hinder you too much, weapon strength helps If they group on you which is likely due to it being a small map, and running for pressure, pretty solid) Jarvis house: part 9 (his shift is great on this map because of how big it is along with stalk making him perfect for shift grab, having only 3 traps isn't so bad considering there's only one car and sometimes the phone spawns right near it meaning you only have one area to guard, boat can be a problem but morph stalk can remedy same as before) Pinehurst: part 7 (3 traps with only one car again, meaning it's not such a bad thing, also can spawn next to phone, slashing for groups, sense because of map size, the map is covered in water so water speed is very helpful here and due to the fact the boat escape has several directions here it helps because you don't really have to worry about the boat since you can catch it) I can't say anything for savini as I don't have him but I'd say he's good on any map lol 😂 I'd just choose him when they put it on random map.
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