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  1. So I was bored out of my mind last night and decided to do an AI test on how attractive every counselor is. It was fun ngl. According to the 100% facts that the computer told me, here are the results. Vanessa, 7 Deborah, 4 Tiffany, 5 Kenny, 7 Jenny, 9 Chad, 5 A.J., 8 Brandon, 4 Eric, 4 Adam, 4 Mitch, 5 Shelly, 5 Fox, 6 Victoria, 10 I don't make the rules, the ai does.
  2. Counselor - Favorite counselor - Victoria Favorite Weapon - Baseball bat Favorite Perks - Thick skinned, medic, nerves of steel Playstyle - Either very aggressive and wants to be chased or the repair man of the team who remains hidden Likes- Fighting Jason head on Dislikes- Driving the boat Goal - To give Jason a good chase and buy my team time to escape/repair everything to help me and my teammates escape Mic - Absolutley not Jason - Favorite Jason - Part 5 Favorite Weapon - Machete, Pickaxe Favorite kills - Fish gutter, stab, curb stomp and knee strike Favorite environmental kills - Kitchen knife and bird bath Playstyle - Very aggressive but also defensive of cars and the fuse box Likes - Killing vanessa Dislikes - Getting my skull bashed in by Chad and Victoria Mic - Nope
  3. Hey! This is purely for fun. Let me know what you guys think of my placements and share your opinions. (This is all just my opinion.) S- Vanessa, A.J. A- Tiffany, Brandon, Fox B- Adam, Victoria, Chad C- Kenny, Deborah F- Eric, Shelly, Jenny, Mitch I don't think I missed anyone but if I did let me know.
  4. I have a very strong feeling that luck effects stun chances with melee weapons. I can consistently stun Jason with wrenches and pipes as Victoria and Jenny who both have low strength and high luck. When I play as tiffany or Deborah, I have much difficulty stunning Jason with those weapons and they have low luck. I've heard that luck doesn't effect stun chances but I have my doubts.
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