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  1. https://youtu.be/UQvusIhbf7A

    CHEATER!!!I've submitted a report on jasonkillsbugs but no one answered 2 weeks ago 

    Infinite healing, health, knifes and he even picked the alreayd used shotgun from tommy jarvis.

    1. TimDuke 01

      TimDuke 01

      It wasn't hacking  I don't think. They had medic and kept using the pocket knife exploit to keep their pocket knife in their inventory. Once they ran out of sprays they rage quit. Yeah I made a topic about this. It's becoming more and more used due to word of mouth especially on PC which I noticed that was the platform you were playing on. Unfortunately NOTHING will be done about it. It's a exploit of the game mechanics needs to be patched ASAP. Helpful hint if you notice them use a spray immediately after getting out of your grab with a pocket knife, don't bother grabbing them anymore just keep slashing. Also I noticed the power was still on in that section of the map .Make sure all power boxes are knocked out if you encounter someone doing this. It increases their fear so they don't recover stamina as quickly. JKB is still a flawed reporting system they won't do anything with this person anyway, exploits are not a bannable offense. Since you didn't edit out the persons gamer tag,that is considered naming and shaming and not allowed on this forum unfortunately. I understand completely, it's very frustrating when players use this and they can do it as long as they keep finding sprays. This video is a perfect example of what the pocket knife glitch looks like.

    2. iLkane


      So I've hit him twice and he went through a broken window afterwards and still able to run?, which can be seen on the video, that's not hacking, but exploiting the game as well you say?Also he used like 5 medical sprays and picked up Tommy Jarvis's shotgun which he used earlier, exploiting?Unfortunately we cannot see him picking up the shotgun  and using 5 medical sprays, as i've started recording too late 

    3. TimDuke 01

      TimDuke 01

      Have to take your word on the shotgun being used twice I didn't notice it. However YES Medic perk gives you 2 uses out of each spray and running either legendary or epic thick skin perk they could have survived 2 slashes and going through a broken window and still be running. I know for a fact that with epic or legendary thick skin you can climb out a 2nd story window and still be able to run after taking that fall.So they had at least 1 pocket knife and 2 sprays with medic that would give them 4 uses out of 1 knife and you did lose sight of them a couple times so they could have found either another knife or spray. Now if they were getting out of your grab instantly with NO pocket knife YES that would be a hacker. Again for future reference if you see/hear them use a spray immediately during/ after the pocket knife animation they are using this glitch and just slash from then on. As long as they find sprays they can do this glitch until there are no sprays left in the match potentially. This is a super OP glitch for counselors running medic perk.

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