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  1. This is just a terrible and pointless design decision. If you're going to lock such a trivial feature behind any sort of requirement, at least make it the reward for completing all of the single-player challenges.
  2. This is a dumb idea, but I'll humor it. Could the dog escape via passenger seat in a vehicle? It would be hilarious to see player salt over losing a seat to an animal.
  3. If anything, this game has proven it's that Jason doesn't work well in asymmetrical multiplayer, because he's either "too strong," or "too weak." You can't please both sides of the fanbase who think that the game is unbalanced. Friday the 13th, and other horror titles, would have worked better as a story-driven horror game in the vein of Until Dawn.
  4. Adrienne King is aware of the game; she said in an interview (don't have the source, this was over a year ago) that she would gladly reprise her role as Alice if they asked her to. I don't think they can use "The Final Girl" as a character trope since figuratively any character can be a final girl. If you just assign the trope to one character, you're pretty much setting them up for failure. I think it would work best to make Alice into a hero character like Tommy Jarvis; just make her an alt. spawn when you call for help on the CB radio.
  5. I think it's worth saying here that you don't have to like this game just because it's "Friday the 13th" and you consider yourself to be a Friday the 13th fan. Being loyal to the franchise doesn't require you to like everything about it.
  6. Oh yeah, I just bought a Switch, so I'll probably be getting the new Super Smash Bros. Loved that game when I was a kid.
  7. I think the reason they cut out the "start-up running" and turning animations was because they were causing the glitches that led to counselors getting stuck opening drawers and Jasons getting stuck breaking down doors. That's what I heard, at least.
  8. I enjoy resource management park-tycoon style games, but $60 really is too steep considering there are probably mobile free-to-play games with the same theme. Ghost of Tsushima appears to be an open-world samurai game; it's being developed by Sucker Punch, the studio behind Sly Cooper and Infamous. Not much is known about this new game, though. They teased it almost a year ago and there haven't been any updates since.
  9. I'm a little on the fence about JW; $60 seems pretty steep for the concept. I might just wait for it to go on sale. Also, forgot to mention, I'm excited for Ghost of Tsushima. Sony's really killing it with Playstation exclusives.
  10. "Would be ill-advised to square up to Jason." Has 8 luck.
  11. Hopefully the voice-over issues will be fixed with the engine update.
  12. Looking forward to hearing my girl Miki--I mean Deborah--speaking full dialogue.
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