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  1. I think one of the issues are the people who can't give the people who just arrived a few seconds to observe the lobby and see who is playing which counselor. There have been times I have arrived and within seconds it's button mashing by some jerk. A polite click after 30 seconds sure. Go for it. That's fair. But the button mashers need to calm their tits for the people that only just entered the lobby
  2. I'll ready up when I'm good and ready. If you don't have a mic/aren't in game chat to ask politely what's up and are just going to click like a maniac you can wait the full period or screw off to another lobby.
  3. Me personally no but I do see it on others when the map is loading.
  4. Regarding Jason gameplay, that is how the game is set up, yes. But if one doesn't care about optimizing the filling of their experience bar, then killing is kind of secondary to their fun with the game.
  5. My friend and I play and we have no qualms about killing each other or leaving the otherbbehind. 🤣 Friend or not, the game is about working together/killing everyone. So it sucks when you get parties like that.
  6. I have yet to see a full lobby that's readied up except for the person choosing the map. But I see tons of people who can't wait for a few goddamn minutes without clicking like a gooddamn autistic kid without their fidget spinners while other players choose their counselors.
  7. I'm fairly new too. But Xbox. Most people who have mics (which has been very few) have been pretty cool You could just have been incredibly unlucky with the lobbies. What are some of the basics you know?
  8. The most frustrating thing for me as a counsor is being dropped in a random spot, away from everyone, & no loot where they dropped me. So I end up being that useless counselor when I want to help but have 0 ability to protect myself/complete objectives.
  9. I'm fairly new to the game. Most people with mics have been cool. There have been some talking trash but it usually doesn't go too far and to me, it's just humorous stuff. But I suppose that doesn't necessarily make it less toxic for me. I've probably been lucky because I think I've encountered one troll (they were clearly running people over on purpose). So, yeah, for me, very little toxicity.
  10. I realize this is old but...I played a game where I spawned at the phone...that was also the barn. So let that sink in: a primary objective and no way to fortify the building. Definitely THE worst spawn I've experienced.
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