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  1. I'm seriously wondering when this thread will get locked
  2. Well most of Jason's abilities make him able to be played without them he's pretty much useless
  3. they showed some of pakanack lodge during pax east and wes tweeted that they added the bell and showed a picture
  4. What I mean is something like what Team Fortress 2 did, of course I don't mean right now but maybe in the future.
  5. Actually Risinggrave that's in, there is a video on YouTube just type in "Friday the 13th game brutal executions"
  6. I think the tom savini Jason is getting the pitchfork
  7. Has anyone seen Randy's periscope streams in one of them it shows for a little bit Kane hodder on his knees in his mocap suit with the girl who mocaps for the female counselors holding a "weapon" over her head about to hit him
  8. What this game needs is a lot of youtubers playing it so that more people know about it adding in a kick option means any of the more well known youtubers will get kicked because enough people in the lobby didn't like them
  9. You will still get the code and all but you can't get the badge for completing the virtual cabin
  10. I've seen a guy last a good 2 minutes against Jason alone as Chad he even knocked the mask off
  11. You know I've watched some guys play this and they actually said that there shouldn't be stamina
  12. I don't want to sound like a jerk but DBD is barely anything like this Jason doesn't have to camp hooks to even get a chance at a kill Sorry but I just don't think you should compare these two games
  13. Did you guys see the knot chart in the bookish girl picture? it's on the right
  14. That would be one of the coolest things ever and also I feel I need to applaud you for the amazing scenario
  15. Actually in one of charminEXsoftgamings breakdown videos he says that damage is shown realistically on your character like if you jump out of a second story window your character is going to hurt his/her leg and have to limp
  16. I will definitely be playing as The Edgy guy-I feel like he just needs to be a hero if you read his description you'll hopefully understand The Preppy guy-he does look like a douche but I feel like he could potentially be a nice guy plus he is a sharp dresser The Nerd/Class clown-he just looks to nice and friendly too die The Head Counselor-great composure and I like his look Tommy Jarvis-its Tommy Jarvis Mark(if they are ever able to put him in)-I need to survive at least one round as him And the others I will still play as just not as much
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