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  1. Well, this isn't really supposed to be a long topic. Basically, when a counselor is blocking, the counselor has a small chance of not being grabbed by Jason from two ways: Jason disarms the player instead of grabbing them. This makes it so that the counselor is rendered useless without a weapon, but still has a small window to escape. Jason fails to grab the player. Again, a small window that makes the counselor have a chance to escape or fight. I believe it'll give the combat system a lot more depth and focus. What do you all think of the idea?
  2. Cool idea, but adrenaline should only be used as a last-resort option. It shouldn't be used just for someone to juke Jason.
  3. A tutorial in a future patch would be nice (for both Jason and the counselors).
  4. Well, if a house is red during the beginning of the match for Jason, you are making way too much noise (sprinting, climbing through windows, etc). Fear has several stages. Remember, fear is purely visual. There is no fear meter or bar. You will know if your fear is high if your character is freaking out by looking at their face. Also, the HUD turns black around the edges if your fear gets high enough.
  5. There are nothing wrong with the animations in general, it's just that for some animations, the transition from one to the next abrupt and sudden. Also, clipping seems to be a problem. Hopefully, the devs do fix that with the Day 1 patch.
  6. Sorry, but this isn't a really good idea. The escape mechanics are based upon what occurred in the movies and none of those events ever happened to my knowledge. It would also be a lot more work for the developers which really won't pay off.
  7. Honestly, this shouldn't even be a question. Consoles, no doubt. PS4 in the lead, specifically. There are barely any asymmetrical multiplayer games on PS4. Or in other terms, PS4 owners will eat this up.
  8. I definitely like the idea of hiding behind a shower curtain. Though, I doubt such a hiding feature would be present at launch. Maybe post-launch.
  9. Yes, the BackerKit backers contributed to the development as well.
  10. What items did you receive for the holidays? What items did you gift to others? Share here for the meantime.
  11. Oh thank goodness, I almost had a heart attack on Reddit.
  12. His overly obnoxious voice makes me want Jason to rip my ears off.
  13. If this was implemented, most of the emotes should have the ability to be performed while moving. For example, if an emote requires you to wave your hand, you should still be able to move while doing it. However, if it's like: Then you should stop for like a brief 3 seconds and do the emote.
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