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  1. 10 hours ago when the online game was equal to 0 I was able to run the game. I was looking for the round for about 10 minutes, and then I found myself and I was in it host (My ping was 0). Then I waited more than 30 minutes and I was joined by 2 people and 3 of my friends (they had a ping equal to no more than 10. That's how we played for about two hours. There was no fatal error. By the way, there are about 450 players in Steam now. So the patch really works, fatal error is not) @mattshotcha thanks you xD
  2. Within an hour, the servers were working twice for 10 minutes. At that time there were about 300 people online. Now it's a fatal error again. @mattshotcha
  3. Can you drop the link to this video?
  4. Good idea, I've been thinking about it too.
  5. You can record videos of your games, and if there are no cheaters - just delete them. When you send a video with cheaters - delete them. I've got 10GB to do this.
  6. All the cards are good. It's easy to run from Jason for 20 minutes on a small packanack. On a large crystal lake it is very easy to drive through the forest (if the car appeared in the west) On the big higgins haven very dangerous to kill Jason if the hut is on the island On small higgins haven it is easy to kill Jason, as from house to hut less than 50 meters The small crystal lake is a pretty good map for everyone. On the map of Pinehurst almost every house is a thing to escape, but escaping by boat is very dangerous. A big packanack is a pretty controversial card, I don't like it. Jarvis's house is basically a good card for everyone. She misses a couple of houses in the center.
  7. Interesting fact: the machine on the other side is mirrored (i.e. there is not properly applied textures)
  8. I've sent 300 requests across steam in a year. Only 15 responses came from Steam (there's thanks for help). It is best to record all your games through OBS at 720p (thus 1 hour seen will weigh 1-2GB) and post a crop of videos where there is a cheater and send it through the JasonKillsBugs.com. There's guaranteed to ban the cheater (just don't forget to record open the steam profile of the cheater using the steamrep.com)
  9. I've already played one round, the servers seem to have worked
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