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  1. They deleted it twice in my perks in my old account. They need to find a solution for this.
  2. Hahaha I won't argue with you. You don't know what you're saying yet. Do you know me better than me? No you don't know. Telling you words is like telling the ignorant.
  3. I've played the game according to its rules until now. But don't worry, I'm coming back with a new account today, and this time I will protect the game's files in the strongest way, not allowing 3rd party software. This time the transformation will be permanent. This time I will not ban.
  4. I was banned from my 3rd party software . It's not fake news , as you said. By the way , don't fool people . I have 1200 hours in -game and I haven't used any cheats in the game until today.
  5. I was banned even though I did not cheat in the game. Can someone tell me why?
  6. The infrastructure of the game needs to be improved. My perks were in place yesterday. The cheaters deleted my perks in one day. This issue needs to be resolved urgently.
  7. Part 3, Part 6, and Part 8 jason are my favorite jason. But no matter what Jason you give me, I'll still play well with him, because I've practiced. I've played with every jason many times. I know which Jason will use which tactic.
  8. I think it would be great to have a mod in the game. Because I always cut Jason. Chalenge mold I have 10 of them and I made them all. The arrival of mods makes the game better. I hope in the future Gun Media will do a study on this.
  9. A.J Mason is the worst character. I put them all above him. I can't play with A.J Mason.
  10. If Jason is an experienced Jason, instead of 1 trap car battery, 2 trap phone booth, he should place 1 trap battery there if there is another car. If they break the trap in the phone booth, you'll have to trap the phone booth again. If you are playing Jason with 3 traps, put 2 traps in the phone booth, 1 trap in the 4-seater car. The number of those who escaped decreases.
  11. If you enter the phone booth at the beginning of the game and throw 2 bear traps, they cannot make the phone.
  12. Although the cheaters in the game are banned, they open another account and come again. Also, these cheats are sold and more people start to use them. The number of cheats increases in the game. In order to prevent these cheats, the infrastructure of the game must be strengthened.
  13. Consultant - Most used or favorite counselor (s): Vanessa, Chad, Mitch Favorite weapon: Baseball Bat, Machete Favorite perks: Restful, Sucher Punc, Medic (I wear medic on every character.) Play style: The first 5 minutes of the game, the team, the next minutes, the jumper and the rest until Tommy Jarvis arrives. The first 5 minutes we drop the mask. Likes: Finding a spray at the first campfire, being born near Jason's house. Dislikes: Jason cheating, Jason not being a cheater but teaming up Goal: Survive, or kill Jason Mic: Yes I use it all the time. - Jason - Most used or favorite Jason (s): Part 3, Part 8, and Part 4 in between Favorite weapon (s): Spear, Machete Favorite kebabs: Shish kebab. Favorite environmental kills: Fire cooking Game style: Trap the phone box, open my rage in the block position and kill everyone with a surprise attack. Likes: The fact that some of the counselors are rookies makes it easy to open my rage, and attack when some of them do not even know. Dislikes: Mask falling fast, advisors gathering and attacking Mic: Yes it is used all the time.
  14. The most annoying thing is, they don't press the ready button, they leave the room just when the game starts. It's a waste of time.
  15. I have over 1000 hours in the game, some of my friends offered me cheats but I don't accept. But to be honest, there is a dance, I want to do his trick a lot, but I don't. In dance challenges, A.J Mason does it. I want so much, but I know I'll be banned. That's why I don't. By the way, I hate cheaters, they break the in-game order. I once came across such a trick that the guy was doing everything and when my friend was Jason, I teamed up. I fixed the car, I was going to smash the cheater as usual, it stopped in front of me, then I ran over it, the sound of dying was coming but it wasn't dying. Jason did not work when he hit it, and when he right clicked he would immediately run, fly, teleport, have an infinite weapon, beat Jason with a rifle. It wouldn't be visible in between. It was a very crazy trick.
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