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  1. With the new patch coming to the game, some glitches were fixed, some remained and new bugs replaced those who went. Patches need to be brought to the game. Until the game is completely fixed. I agree with you on this.
  2. By the way, the game is not dead, it will continue to be played online, I hope the number of active players will not decrease.
  3. I play this game actively every day, in the new system, the only thing I want in my players is the chamber founders, please don't leave before the match is over, because the chamber founder will kick everyone out. Hoping to meet in the game.
  4. Hello everyone, this is my farewell speech. I joined this game 9 months ago. During this time, I made some very good friends in the game. I joined this forum 3 months ago. Yes, I met you a little late, but it was still very nice. I hope the future becomes a means of favor to see everyone. see you in the future
  5. nothing will change for me. Although it is not the same as before, I will continue to play the same way.
  6. @Jason Todd Voorhees , I sincerely thank you for creating such a forum. I hope we will grow in that forum as soon as possible.
  7. You can fix this problem without moving. This will improve if you bend and stand up with your character. The time is reset every time you get up and down.
  8. 2- Part 3 Jason This one comes from the Jason I use. This Jason is very good in every way. While it has its downsides, there is Jason with the best features compared to other Jason's. In this Jason you start with 2 knives. Yes, it is not enough, but there are many knives on the map and when you start the game, you have 2 knives in your house. When playing with this Jason, you can very simply win the game by placing the traps correctly. 2 traps should be placed in the phone booth, 2 trapped vehicle batteries (I recommend you to throw 1 trap gasoline if you have a boat). You have 1 spare trap, save it in the phone booth. Chapter 3 Jason's gun is powerful so you can wound advisors faster. Use your shift to the full no matter what. Turn around if necessary, but don't cut the shift short. It causes your stamina to drain faster. If cutting consultants are traveling alone, shoot and shoot remotely. You'd better be caught unexpectedly. If the advisors are together, wait for them to attack you in guard mode and shoot with your gun when they do. Do not keep a counselor with the counselor, as this will be negative for you in every way. Because you're taking damage. If you have enough knives, move away from yourself and protect, throw your knives at the sweater and counselor at this distance. If your mask falls off, collect the knives you didn't collect on the map and throw them from afar. Throw morp as it approaches you.
  9. I'll show you the pros and cons of Jason who is best for me as best I can. 1- Part 2 Jason With this high trap Jason, you can prevent them from repairing the car or phone booth very conveniently. Because he's a running Jason (which I always do), you can end the consultant's endurance more easily. Let's move on to the morph feature. Chapter 2 Jason's morph fills up quickly so you can make sneaky attacks. Go a little further from the counselor. Then use your short shift. Talking about the mask, if you put yourself in protection mode and you are not injured from the back in protection mode, your mask will not fall off. I hope I was helpful. I will write each Jason individually, thank you for your understanding.
  10. I have 1500 in-game hours in this game. Based on my own experience, I can say the following. I see that Turkish users who come across do not know much about the game and do not know what task to do yet. In this case, Turkish users leave the game faster. The Turkish friends I play with play for 1-2 weeks (sometimes they don't even play that much) and leave it for what is the purpose of this game. The number of new Turkish players, that is, the number of Turkish players who start the game and continue the game, is increasing very little. Please do something about it. I sincerely wish that Turkish language support will come.
  11. It would be very good if Turkish language support comes. They can learn the game more easily and the number of Turkish users in the game increases. There are Turkish players who play very well, but they don't know everything. Turkish language support is really needed.
  12. Platform: Pc My Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199086760879/
  13. Yes I am a computer gamer. Xbox, Ps4 etc. I know it is, but now I encounter the same players in 2-3 matches. There are also cheaters that are not banned. Yes I am a computer gamer. Xbox, Ps4 etc. I know it is, but now I encounter the same players in 2-3 matches. There are also cheaters that are not banned.
  14. The number of players of the game dropped a lot. When I first started playing it, an average of 1000 people entered daily. But now this number has dropped to 400-500. There are some of my friends who left it, and when I ask they say it is because of cheaters and bugs. Okay, there are honest players but the number of players is decreasing.
  15. I encounter a trick or a few tricks every day in the game. How many months have some cheaters not banned? Will a solution be found for this? There are cheaters who do not ban even though we report.
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