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  1. @Fair Play well this is flat out pathetic if it's true, the game is on the verge of it's death, fighting against hackers and cheaters and then there comes the army of lifless kids who had horrible parenting to the game to shove this game to it's grave even further.
  2. @Fair Play well what ever that they're doing is not efficient AT ALL! there are tons of teamkillers and trolls who are ruining the fun for everyone in this game even at it's current stage.
  3. do they do anything about trolls and misbehaviours as well? or is it the same situation with hackers?
  4. The game still hangs on the camper's perks menu and you can't back out from it.
  5. there are 545 people in game as I'm writing this, but after waiting 30 mins and no matches being find, I decided to play offline with bots. although I ran a test. I joined the game using VPN from different regions. when I used USA's ip I got immediately fatal error as I got connected to the game. when I used Germany I couldn't even enter my game's profile. when I used Britain's it was the same as usual, no games found. anyways I think playing with bots is the only option I've got for now. (I'm on Steam btw if you're wondering.)
  6. no, you simply either fix the issue or you'd stop making cars. remember you're the car maker not the consumer.
  7. @murpdog47 Well how about you go make your own game pal? a dev team is suppose to develop a game based on their own vision not a group of people's agendas. you can't just order for something and demand it to just happen. this is not how gaming industry works. you gotta make a game fair towards all type of people with all type of play types.
  8. @TimDuke 01 that's kinda how I feel about it, they needa implement a more direct and sufficient way of reporting these many hackers to the devs man. what we already have is total wack. @Strigoi Can they tho? I mean is the lawsuit finally over in favor of Cunningham or Victor Miller somehow had found a way again to get back to the franchise as hard as he can?
  9. Dudeeeee! I gotta go buy a 4TB external HDD for that. they gotta check these people right from the report afterwards. otherwise what's the point of steam reporting anyway?
  10. are these reports via steam actually getting seen by devs sent via steam?
  11. Servers are down again it seems like on Steam. I keep getting fatal errors again when I'm trying to spend my points at unlocking campers perks, the roulette just keeps on rolling and rolling again. (game hangs)
  12. So I've downloaded the new 1.2GB patch and I've noticed no fatal errors so far. one thing was disturbing tho and that was the Xp gain being lowered to half. wish you guys haven't done that so we could play more eagerly after the patch drop? 🤔
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