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  1. Update on PS4: so I was able to play last night and interact. It still seems to come and go. I guess we are not all fixed up yet. Must still be a platform or two not patched.
  2. The pathetic thing is that it’s been weeks and still happening. They should be in jail by now. The forensic company hired must not be doing too good a job tracking. Or if they are, it is being kept hush hush for now.
  3. @mattshotcha still not able to find matches and when I do, can’t interact. Hacked again??
  4. Now I get “failed to create party. Check internet connection. @mattshotcha
  5. So I played a few matches with a random in the lobby PS4 name [removed by moderator]. He claimed he was going to hack my account and said he was doing DDOS attacks on the servers. Claimed to be a hacker. I killed him and only him every match. He needs to be banned considering his threats and claims.
  6. Thanks again, @mattshotcha for your updates. I played all morning with no issues. I think we are on the right track to playing at camp again.
  7. I like to give ppl the benefit of the doubt instead of thinking ppl are that “lost”. Lol.
  8. I have played since release. You can clearly tell when someone is teaming. When they get out of the car before leave for a min and get back in and leave, most likely, they just told the teaming Jason where everyone is. If Jason runs side by side a counselor, and kills everyone but them, they probably are pointing out where everyone is. I have platinumed the game over two years now. I often get injure players, but let them fix stuff and escape to get points and XP.
  9. It’s not so much that ppl isn’t reading it I think. It’s more that ppl are passionate about playing and desperately want it to work. I use to be the same way, with no patience at all. I understand ppl’s frustration over it all. But that frustration needs to be aimed at the hacker(s) involved, not the devs. They are really working hard to correct the issues. I even find myself wanting an update daily about it. So I get it.
  10. If your perks are gone, @mattshotcha stated that was definitely something to report on jasonkillsbugs.com so they can track the attacks.
  11. Do you really believe a PS4 server will be affected by the lack of a PC patch release?! Cross play isn’t even a thing on F13.
  12. Guess we are not getting any updates as to why it’s not working again on PS4.
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