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  1. I found a work around recently Go to recording devices > disable your built in mic if bad quality ( if you have one ) > Make your plug in mic default device
  2. I'm pressing push to talk and it's not picking up the mic I'm mainly using ( kinda wish there was an option to pick which mic on options ) Problem solved I was tweaking around recording devices and asked a dev for support so now my mic is working
  3. Currently the game picks up my built in mic which I never use and I use my plug in mic which is never picked up despite it working I would suggest an alt mic selection thing
  4. My mic is okay and the voice chat was just fine in the beta but my friends couldn't hear me nearby ingame no idea what to do, anyone else getting this ? Update: Friends say my ingame voice chat sounds too soft when my mic is okay
  5. Welcome !! It's nice to meet you !!
  6. I really loved the gameplay video and I like the little player names ( since it will help me with dark maps haha ) I'm curious about other cinematic stuff and how beta's spectator mode will be like
  7. I have a feeling the beta will be in October but as for final probably November - December
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