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  1. Does anyone know when the game will be working in again for Xbox players? It’s back to players not being able to open doors, pick up objects, etc. I hope this gets fixed soon so that I can get better at the game🙂
  2. That is true. Many times people do not work together and who becomes Tommy Jarvis prefers to escape instead of going with one of the Female counselors to Jason’s house to get the sweater and defeat Jason. Im sure it will get better the more I play. Thanks for the feedback
  3. I’ve been playing for months. I never see Jason’s traps, ever! thanks for your feedback. I hate to quit but I may stop playing, it’s really not fun because I suck at it, lol!
  4. When I bought this game I was so excited since I am a fan of the movies. However I believe there should be more opportunity for counselors to live. Their stamina runs out quickly, not able to break away from Jason often unless there is a knife, Unable to hold more than one weapon at a time. Jason traps are invisible and he is alerted when someone gets caught in a trap he laid. If you find the equipment to call the cops it is many times difficult to find the house to connect the equipment to. It’s like you play the game just to die as a counselor and that makes the game less fun to play. It’s okay to die, I get it was part of the movies but give counselors a higher chance of survival pleeeeease. I really want to like this game but it is very difficult because Jason kills me most of the time regardless of how hard I try to survive. Please make this game more enjoyable to play for those who prefer to play as counselors. We want to win sometimes too. I hope this game gets better!
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