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  1. Hello guys! I very much hope that everyone is well, I joined this forum a few days ago because I found a topic by another member who was discussing the possible creation of an official multiplayer game from A Nightmare On Elm Street, and after reading it, I decided to create an account to respond with much praise to the idea he created. But that does not mean that I only met this forum or Friday the 13th so, on the contrary, I have known the series for a long time, however, I only watched until the fifth film in the franchise for now. Anyway, I am here with the purpose of having fun reading other topics and interacting with several members, I also love the game too much, however... I never played it! Instead, I watch gameplays from experienced players on youtube while I don't get financial independence to buy my own console or computer to play daily. My favorite counselor is Deborah Kim!
  2. I have to admit that this is a great conceptual idea for all the mechanics of the game, just a few modifications and add-ons here and there and there, we will have an incredible official multiplayer survival horror from A Nightmare On Elm Street! Like Friday the 13th, the survivor catalog should be based on the secondary characters throughout the franchise, such as Will and Sheyla, each containing their special dream power, and for Freddy, he will have a tree of skills and powers which will be according to what he did with his victims in the dream world in each film, like reaching out, being invisible, causing hallucination, transforming into a giant snake or even Super Freddy, but of course, all of them will have to be adequate to a fair and balanced system, as obviously such a player who plays as Freddy will only be able to select 4 skills per game. For skins, I assume that the graphic artists of the project will have to be very good at modeling the face of each Freddy in each film and even putting details in each outfit so that the differences are noticeable, I know that sounds very tiring and even boring to do, but I'm sure that with a lot of technique and effort from the professionals, each skin that Freddy has will be referring to each film.
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